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Bread for the City: USDA Owes Pantries Millions of Dollars More in Food

"It affects how much food we and other pantries can distribute to people."

Food Pantries Want Your Money, Not Your Old Cans

Turns out the food pantries that serve struggling families would rather have some cash than whatever random old cans you cleaned out of your cupboard for a local food drive. They're just afraid to say so:

Charities are naturally reluctant to turn down donations for fear of alienating supporters or demoralizing well-wishers, but the reality is that [...]

More Should Be Done For Legal Aid Funding

As mentioned by LL in an exhaustive budget rundown, At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson kept funding in the city budget for a program that helps the poor pay for attorneys. Today, Bread for the City cheered the news on its blog ("Beyond Bread"):
"Yesterday, the DC Council Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to maintain funding for civil legal [...]