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“They Enjoy Interacting With Other Blacks.”

According to this Post story on demographics in Prince George's County, black middle class people like living with other black middle class people!
“They enjoy interacting with other blacks,” Karyn Lacy, a sociologist at the University of Michigan, wrote in her book “Blue-Chip Black,” for which she interviewed dozens of parents in Prince George’s. “Scholars have [...]

Any Chance Prince George’s County’s Hoops-Prodigy-of-the-Moment Can Come Home to Play?

It's no longer hot news, but it gets amazinger and amazinger all the time: As Chicago is to political corruption, Prince George's County is to basketball.
Ty Lawson, the point guard from Clinton, Md., added more to the lore on Saturday, playing at a pace nobody else on the court could keep up with [...]

P.G.’s Rating Going Up, Up, Up…

Prince George's County has been producing basketball players the way Kenya does long distance runners for a while now. That reputation only grew over the weekend.
Oklahoma native Blake Griffin will end P.G.'s streak of exporting the best player in college ball at two seasons—Kevin Durant ruled through 2006-2007, and Michael Beasley, Durant's former teammate on [...]

Bowie Man Will Totally Book to Space Tonight

As part of a program devised to compensate Southern Marylanders for the loss of the Toddle House chain, NASA tonight will shoot Ricky Arnold, a native of Bowie, Md. into outer space. Arnold will not be making this voyage in a Trans Am. However, there will be fire, and he will have the chance to [...]