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The Needle: Spending Oversight

Dumb Glass: The GW Student Association's finance committee slashed the MBA Association's student budget by about 22 percent because the group used part of its funding to purchase a $,1500 Google Glass for its members that it did not list in its pre-approved budget. Tsk, Tsk. -2
Trash Talk: D.C. residents are complaining that city officials [...]

D.C.’s Top Google Search of 2013: “Boston Marathon”

Google released its list of the District's top 2013 searches this morning, and the "Boston Marathon," "Aaron Hernandez," and "iphone 5s" came out on top.
The list didn't stray too much from the list of national trends, in which "Paul Walker," "Boston Marathon Bombing," and "Nelson Mandela" ranked as the most searched terms.
"This year saw a [...]

Secret Service Won’t Say When 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Will Reopen

After last Monday's Boston Marathon bombings, the Secret Service closed off the block of Pennsylvania Ave NW in front of the White House, citing "an abundance of caution." Now one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects is dead, and the other is in custody, but the 1600 block of Pennsylvania is still closed.

Boston Marathon Bombings Great For News Organization’s Web Traffic

The full text of a Washington Post memo (subject line: "Boston traffic today") circulating through the newsroom this afternoon and passed along to Washington City Paper:
Boston ledeall – 1,450,000
Liveblog – 453,000
Suspects – 381,000
Suspect arrested gallery – 437,000
Aftermath gallery … 649,000
Gallery of explosion from day 1 – 247,000
Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Washington Post Local Editor Talks Running, Then Reporting on Boston Marathon

When two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon yesterday afternoon, the Washington Post had already had a reporter on the scene: local editor Vernon Loeb, who had just finished running the marathon himself. Within minutes of the explosions, Loeb had already sent an email about the blasts to Executive Editor Marty Baron, he said [...]