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Cheap Seats Daily: Bring Mike Leach to Redskins Park (Cont.)?

John Feinstein doesn't like the way the Redskins complied with the NFL mandate to interview minority candidates before hiring a coach. Feinstein doesn't believe that Dan Snyder ever really thought Jerry Gray, a black defensive coach who reportedly has interviewed for Jim Zorn's job while Zorn still has it, could be a head coach for [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Portis Wants You to Get Your $700 Worth?

Even in the NFL, employees take their cue from the boss. So all the Redskins are feeling persecuted these days.
"Our media have been our harshest critics," whined Mike Sellers during his media session yesterday.
He's the fullback who dropped what would have been a touchdown pass from Jason Campbell in Sunday's game with the Rams.
Sellers' comments, [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Nats Take Advantage of Odd Manny Out!

For the first time since the Natinals scandal, the natinal media paid attention to our baseball team yesterday.
Folks only took notice, alas, because our boys were in L.A. while the Dodgers learned they'd be an odd Manny out. For a long time.
Looks like Manny Ramirez took some sort of estrogen. So Manny was just being [...]

From Boston to Baghdad, a Handful of Sole

The Caps/Rangers series, which concludes tonight, has had plenty of great hockey.
But the matchup has gotten to the top of the local sports heap—Brian Orakpo's introduction to the local media at Redskins Park got poleaxed by Donald Brashear's banishment—because of all the quasi-hockey incidents: the pre-game tussles, intra-squad domestic issues, some biting, world-class gooning, and [...]