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Barnes & Noble’s Downtown D.C. Location Will Close This December

The bookstore chain is looking for a new D.C. location.

The Needle: Walmart Doesn’t Kill People, Guns Do Edition

Fully Responsible: D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown is finally showing signs of realizing that ordering two high-end SUVs in the middle of a budget crunch might not be the key to everlasting gratitude among his constituents. He's e-mailing District residents who complain about the Lincoln Navigators to take "full responsibility" for the lease deal. Of [...]

Borders Should Just Die Already

Last week, Housing Complex decided that it's OK not to mourn Borders' money problems. The book chain is ugly and located on busy streets (downtown, Friendship Heights) or tucked into mega-complexes (Pentagon City, White Flint Mall). Yes. It is ugly and located in non-neighborhoody spots.
And it's so much more. It has the same selection as [...]

Twilight Wants More of Your Money But Will Settle for Your Blood

Those of you who care surely already know, but those who don't might want to avoid certain retail locations once the sun goes down tonight.
Twilight, that suckalicious sparkling-vampire movie starring Robert Pattinson (eeeee!) and Kristen Stewart (Bella!), is out on DVD tomorrow. But it's not any ol' DVD release: It's a two-disc Special Edition DVD, [...]