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Madam’s Organ Named D.C.’s Most Rambunctious Bar

Forget the skeptics! Adams Morgan may be lagging behind other D.C. neighborhoods in development, but it leads the pack in good times. According to something called Party Earth, Adams Morgan's Madam's Organ is one of the East Coast's top party bars.
Madam's Organ is the kind of place where "shenanigans are welcome, friendships made and indiscretions [...]

Amazon Wine Will Ship to D.C., Not the Rest of DMV

We did it, D.C.: Getting crunk without leaving our homes is now even easier. Amazon launched a new wine service yesterday, and Washington is one of the few places in the country that it'll ship to.
Amazon Wine will initially only ship to 12 states and the District, although the company plans to expand its range. [...]

Kwame Brown Offers Booze Compromise

The Examiner reports that the D.C. Council is considering a compromise on later bar hours. Previously, Mayor Vince Gray floated a proposal that would allow bars to stay open an hour later. That set off a lot of grousing from Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, who suggested a higher tax on booze instead. Now Council [...]

Single People In D.C. Like To Drink

Another day, another definitive survey of D.C. life based on a tiny, self-selecting group of people who visit a particular website.—the online dating site that goes after people who don't date online—turned its user data into an infographic about how much people drink.
D.C. users say they drink the most, Las Vegas users say they [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Inauguration Weekend Edition

Who the hell went out last night looking for celebs? Even my sister (who has the connects, the gossip, and the determination) was considering hanging up her designer shoes. I'm pretty sure she stayed home....
D.C. Gov extends the registration date for tour buses to today. Three thousand buses have registrated so far for the inauguration. [...]

The Go-To Inauguration Booze Map Is Still Going

Capital Spice, the self-descibed blog of a couple of D.C. food geeks, did what the rest of us didn't, and it's paying off in links and hits. Mike Bober, who runs the blog with his wife, Elizabeth, read in the papers that 213 bars and restaurants were approved by ABRA (D.C.'s Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration) [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

Dan Snyder's non-liquid theme park chain, Six Flags, has decided that if it's going to go down, it's going to go down tipsy.
In 2008, firms that were nowhere near as leveraged as Six Flags, which is anywhere from $2 billion to $3 billion-and-some-change in debt, tended to sign on for Chapter 11 protections or just [...]

Inaugural Booze: Bill Duggan Apologizes (Wink, Wink!)

While the fur continues to fly with our federal friends and their thoughts on whether or not we can keep slammin' our Obama Slammers well into the a.m., City Paper's favorite bar owner has been quietly killing it on the Adams Morgan Listserv with his rapier sarcasm.
To wit, regarding (presumably) ANC Commissioner's Bryan Weaver's comments [...]

Extended Drinking Hours at Inauguration: It’s Official

The vote is 9-4 in favor of extending hours of alcohol service at local taverns and nightclubs until 5 a.m. in the days leading up to the inauguration.
The real drama was in a 8-6 8-5 vote as to whether nightclubs would be offered the extended hours or not. Here's who fought for your right [...]

Extended Inauguration Drinking Hours Not a Done Deal!

DCist points to a load of confusion over the District's plans to extend drinking hours in the days leading up to the inauguration.
Here's what LL knows: This is not a done deal, and it looks likely that the 5 a.m. hour will change.
This morning, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham walked into the pre-legislative-session breakfast meeting [...]