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District Line Daily: PCP Popular With Criminals

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PCP is showing up in the systems of arrested people in Washington more than in any [...]

Alexandria Residents Titillated, Well-Read's  new list of the most "well-read" American cities reveals a shocking fact about one of Washington's southern neighbors: Alexandria residents love their books as much as they love their smut.
Alexandria residents bought more books per capita from Amazon than people in any other American city, which the e-commerce site claims makes Alexandria the [...]

Union Station Barnes & Noble Closing

Ah, the charms of the mega bookstore. Shelves and shelves of options, actual room to browse through them (I'm looking at you, Kramerbooks!), and the inexplicable tolerance for people who just read all day without paying.
That special experience will now be a little less available in the D.C. area, because the Barnes & Noble in [...]

October: The Month In Photos

Tom Gjelten, Tim Lewis, and Pamela J. Martin: The Authors City List Missed

Every week, City Paper's City List does its best to tell readers about all the authors destined to come through town pushing their work (as well they should, the publishing industry needs more than prayer). This week, City List found only one reading, and chalked up the dearth to the holiday season–boy were we wrong. [...]

Pooh & Lenny Bruce at Vertigo Books

Olsson's is dead and gone, but that doesn't mean DC's meatspace is without some fine used-bookstores. Vertigo Books in College Park has some sweet deals going on right now. (I know, I know, it's not technically in DC, but spare me the geography lessons–it's close enough.)
For yer buyin' pleasure:
The Trials of Lenny Bruce can be [...]

Mitchell Gold: Send My Book to Wasilla

Living in the snug enclave of the coastal media, it's easy to forget that in some not-so-distant realms, Americans still face a massive cultural stigma against coming out as gay. A reminder of this reality comes from Crisis, a new book published by Mitchell Gold, one half of the high-end furniture retailer Mitchell Gold + [...]