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Dreaming Jeff Bezos Will Bring Back the Post’s Book World? Don’t.

I should, I suppose, be heartened by the prospect of a book mogul acquiring my hometown paper. The reason I migrated to D.C. from New York in 2000, after all, was to work as an editor for the Washington Post’s Book World, which was then one of just a handful of intact standalone review sections in [...]

WaPo Strategy: Shrinkage

In December came the execution of Sunday Source. Now Book World. At the same time, top editors are taking aim at duplication, yielding a fun little brouhaha over "Appreciations."
None of it surprises. Ever since classified sales essentially absented themselves from the Washington Post, this type of haircut/retrenchment/gutting was inevitable. I really liked Book World, [...]

WaPo Makes It Official: Book World to Die Around Valentine’s Day

Newsroom leadership of the Washington Post just sent out a memo on the death of Book World. Didn't have much choice in the matter, considering that the New York Times's Motoko Rich had the scoop all over the news earlier today.
See the announcement after the jump.
The announcement makes a glancing reference to a [...]

WaPo to Syndicate Book World?

Today's new strategy memo from Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth filled its quota of bland and unspecific principles. And on the specifics front, it left quite a deficit.
Yet if you poke around the Post newsroom a bit, you can find an initiative or two that has some beef and some direction. Take the Book [...]