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The Needle: Trumpington, D.C.

Huge: The Donald Trump-ified Old Post Office is one step closer to becoming reality. +4
Invisible Hipsters: This Washington Post story on hipsters ruining "cheap" beer ends with the line "Hipsters beware," and the rest of it makes about as much sense. -3

Will the Weather Be the Same Without Bob Ryan?

In 1996, big snowstorms didn't get fancy names on social media. All we had back then was Bob Ryan.
As the blizzard of '96 (still the third-largest three-day snowfall in recorded D.C. weather history, despite Snowmageddon and its ilk) approached, Ryan was getting punchy. A day or two before the snow arrived, I was home from [...]

The Needle: Bob Ryan Signs Out

Stormy Wednesday: After over 30 years as a Washington TV weatherman, WJLA's Bob Ryan is retiring. -3
Right Side of the Tracks: New routes could help cyclists avoid dangerous streetcar tracks on H St. +1

The Needle: Ho Ho Ho Edition

War on Christmas: Federal officials are preparing to ditch the color-coded alert system that's been stuck on yellow virtually every day since it debuted in 2002. But it's always red alert near the Pentagon, which is why the discovery today of a blinking Christmas ornament in a trash can in the Metro station there caused [...]

With Snow Hours Away, Panic Strikes Harris Teeter!

I just got back from a really great three hour stay inside the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter. So yeah, I picked a really bad time to get Superbowl snacks. Let's break it down:
*One minute hunting for a cart. There were none at the entrance.
*59 minutes in cart gridlock hunting down the last of the beans, [...]