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The Needle: No-Fun Zone

Hotel of Lame: The Trumps agreed that they wouldn't bring strip clubs, "condom stores," or tattoo parlors to the Old Post Office Pavilion. -3

Fun Sponges: WCP went trick-or-treating at mayoral candidates homes, and only one candidate—only one—was giving out candy. -5

Post, Other Papers Ask Campaigns for Quote Approval

Much of the moaning about the corrosive effects of 24/7 news and the banal political culture it creates can come off as so much Chicken Littleism. Still, it's hard to read this story about reporters sending quotes from interviews to the presidential campaigns for pre-publication approval and not think there's something terribly wrong with our [...]

Where Bloomberg’s Sugary Soda Ban Falls Apart

NYT food guru Mark Bittman makes a good point about Mayor Mike Bloomberg's plan to ban large sodas in some New York City venues. Soda isn't food:
What, exactly, is food? My dictionary calls it “any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.” That doesn’t [...]