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Matt Yglesias’ Sweet Condo Provokes Outrage

Logan Circle finds itself in the eye of a right-wing storm after Washingtonian reported on its latest resident: Slate economics blogger Matthew Yglesias, who bought a three-bedroom condo in the neighborhood for a whopping $1.175 million.
The alleged disconnect between Yglesias' center-left politics, the average blogger's salary, and his condo's exposed brick caught the attention of [...]

Write Faster!

At the Washington Post, one great sentence can equal one great post.

Is The Post Failing Its Aggregators?

Boing Boing makes a really smart point about Elizabeth Flock—the Post blogger who resigned after making some pretty big flubs—and the nature of her work:
It isn't about talent cultivation and it isn't really about honoring standards. The problem is that the Washington Post wants to have the cake and eat it too. It is content-farming mountains [...]

Presidential Inaugural Committee’s Rules On Blogging

Yesterday, we posted the Presidential Inaugural Committee's rules about volunteers speaking with the media. They are not allowed to speak to the press, according to the volunteer courtesy guide. The PIC also has rules for bloggers. Here are the rules:
"PIC 2009 strongly discourages all volunteers from blogging on any topic while they are volunteering with [...]

Commenter “Dave”: This Is Your Lucky Day!

If you followed our election coverage, you doubtless saw (or perhaps skipped over) a number of humorous videos chronicling the various races—local, national, and imaginary. As outro music to many of these videos, I used a snippet supplied by Jason Cherkis. The track garnered at least one serious fan: a regular commenter by [...]

Blogger Discovers Blogging Too Difficult

DCist reports today that the relatively new and relatively hated why.i.hate.dc blogger has been fired. Did the Loaf purchase the blog? Nope.
It turns out the blogger, who we wrote about here and interviewed here, couldn't find enough hate to produce enough blog posts. Hate monger Rusty explains:
Hello. Rusty here.
I tried e-mailing Liz to see what [...]