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Blackouts Coming to FedExField (cont.)?

The NFL's blackout policy will eventually be  exposed for its mythicality. A big step in the right direction came over the weekend when The Great Dan Steinberg™, who had slammed every skeptical word about the blackouts as harshly as he once slammed every skeptical word about the legitimacy of Dan Snyder's since debunked waiting list, wised up.
The steroidally industrious TGDS™ took [...]

Blackout? What Blackout? Why Are Non-Soldout Redskins Games On TV?

For the ink-by-the-barrell platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about the origins of the NFL's blackout policy. That rule allegedly requires games to sell out before they can be broadcast in the host market. Turns out the Redskins were as responsible as anybody for getting that policy put in place. Legendary Skins [...]