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The Diner Gets D.C.’s First Bitcoin ATM

But The Diner does not actually accept the virtual currency as a form of payment.

The Needle: The Wrath of Gray

Vince Diesel: In his first day as a 2014 mayoral candidate, Mayor Vince Gray snapped at a City Paper reporter who asked him about his accomplishments. Good thing that question is never going to come up again. -3
Ridin' Sexist: Metro goes sexist with this ad in an attempt to show how reliable Metro is? -5

D.C. Man Searches For Bitcoin Miner In Exchange For Free Electricity

D.C. tech contractor Walter Augustine wants to cash in on some decentralized virtual currency.
Specifically, he wants to mine Bitcoins—which involves solving complex mathematical equations in order to create new bitcoins.  Only 21 million units of the currency can be created, and mining them requires special hardware and massive amounts of electricity to keep the machines running [...]

The Needle: Unseasonably Hot

Summer's Here: At 90 degrees, today's weather is hot enough to break records. -5
Funny Money: It's been a rough day for bitcoins, the decentralized, buzzy Internet currency. But what does this mean for the Washington-based National Bitcoin Poker Club? -1