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Who’s Got New Jobs at the Post?

You get a new job! You get a new job! You get a new job! That's what Oprah Winfrey might say to reporters on the Washington Post's education desk, where there's all kinds of beat shuffling going on, according to a memo sent out earlier this week.
The biggest news is that a replacement has been [...]

Post Cagey on Quote-Approval Policy

Monday's New York Times story about papers like the Times and the Washington Post giving presidential campaigns veto power over their quotes is getting a reaction. The Times is reviewing its policy, and the Washington Examiner's editorial board says it'll never succumb to the temptation, although it's not clear who asked them.
The Post, meanwhile, has [...]

Post‘s Bill Turque Trading DCPS for Presidential Campaign

In a sign of how much sleepier the D.C. school beat has been in the post-Michelle Rhee era—or how strapped the Washington Post is for resources—ace Post education reporter Bill Turque is leaving Local to cover the presidential campaign.
"My view is that while the post-Rhee days may lack the drama 2007-10, there remains no [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Performance-Based Pay Raise Edition

Good Morning, all. You can finally say farewell to that oppressive heat wave; for the next week, temperatures will hover in the low 80s, with mostly sunny skies.
Breaking news today for D.C. teachers: yesterday, the D.C. Council officially ended 2 ½ years of political jostling by approving a contract with the Washington Teachers’ Union that [...]

University High: A Lesson in How Not to Start a Charter School

When Capitol Hill residents smell something funny in their backyard, they get busy. For years, they've been concerned about a strange educational outfit at the corner of 13th and D Streets SE called the International Graduate University. The building just sort of sits there, with few students coming or going; the District government delicensed the [...]

WaPo-Ombo Ignores Turque-Armao Blog Shenanigans

Washington Post ombudsman Andy Alexander is a careful, thorough reporter. When something goes wrong at the paper, you can be sure he's talking with all relevant parties, compiling a sound account of what went on (especially in his killer investigation of the "salons" episode).

The Friday Limerick Review

Some hubbub Bill Turque has attracted
(The post that he wrote was redacted)
Give readers some credit
Acknowledge the edit!
Don't hope that the public's distracted
Now Metro's board got a new chair
And newbies with fantastic hair
But that isn't all
They've stemmed the shortfall
By adding a dime to the fare
Well, Butterstick, what a good run
Your time in D.C. is near [...]

Washington Post Editorial Board Livid Over Turque Blog Post

The Washington Post editorial board is pissed beyond words about Bill Turque's Wednesday blog post regarding the board's relationship with D.C. public schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee. In the post, which the paper temporarily deleted from its site last night, Metro education reporter Turque blasted editorial writer Jo-Ann Armao for furnishing Rhee a "print version of [...]

Washington Post Blog Post Critical of Washington Post Disappears from Web Site

The Washington Post on Wednesday evening deleted from its Web site a sizzling and brilliantly constructed blog post that criticized the paper's editorial board. Metro education reporter Bill Turque, in a Wednesday afternoon item on, explained to readers why they might have noticed an anomaly in the paper's coverage of a high-profile hubbub centering [...]

Best Blog Post by the Post About the Post


Weekend in Review: The Menace of Street Racing

More bodies pile up thanks to the scourge that is street racing. This time, the two victims had pulled over to check out a race along I-70 just beyond the Baltimore city line. Last time, eight people were killed in Accokeek.

Weekend In Review: Two Years for Rhee

Good to see Michelle Rhee getting some ink these days. It's been two years since she started as chancellor of the D.C. public schools, a time the Washington Post figures is as good as any to go long on her performance.
The catchy lede, on why Rhee appeared on the cover of Time mag holding [...]