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Bill Duggan Hearts City Paper, Continues to Piss Off Everyone Else

Neighborhood Listservs are no place to notify the neighborhood of local businesses that may serve the neighborhood. Or so says our friend Bill D over on the mostly-entertaining Second-Best Neighborhood Listserv. Uncle Bill offers this plea to his fellow angry Adams-Morganers:
Can we limit or eliminate the commercial use of the listserv?  It doesn't matter if [...]

Bill Duggan to ABC Board: “This Is Fucking Ridiculous.”

The Alcohol Beverage Control Board met today to consider revoking Madam's Organ's liquor license for a groping incident that happened in June 2007. Marc Fisher has the definitive take on how this came to pass. The Sexist also weighed in.  So what happened? Basically five hours of testimony and, in typical ABC decisiveness, especially when [...]

Inaugural Booze: Bill Duggan Apologizes (Wink, Wink!)

While the fur continues to fly with our federal friends and their thoughts on whether or not we can keep slammin' our Obama Slammers well into the a.m., City Paper's favorite bar owner has been quietly killing it on the Adams Morgan Listserv with his rapier sarcasm.
To wit, regarding (presumably) ANC Commissioner's Bryan Weaver's comments [...]