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Gear Prudence: Should I Accept that Biking’s Not for Me?

Think of bike commuting like Pride and Prejudice.

District Line Daily: Bike Legislation Returns

One of the bill's opponents from last year introduced the new version.

Capital Bikeshare Riders: Younger, Whiter, More Male than D.C. Average

Capital Bikeshare is out with a new survey of its users, and things are pretty rosy in the world of the bike-sharing service. Users are opting more for Bikeshare trips over other forms of transportation, and their most serious concern seems to be getting more stops.
Bikeshare members think that a Bikeshare membership means a big [...]

What Kind Of Cycling Is D.C. Good For?

Bicycling magazine has ranked D.C. number four on its list of best cities for cyclists, a nine-place leap for the city, which ranked at 13 last year:
There is no clearer evidence of the urban-cycling revolution sweeping the United States than in the nation’s capital, where ridership jumped 80 percent from 2007 to 2010. The District [...]

How to Bust a U-lock

Think a U-lock is enough protection for a D.C. bike? While being interviewed for the article "Bike Theft: A Victim, a Cop and a Thief on Capitol Hill," which appears in this week's dead-tree version of City Paper, an experienced bike thief suggested: "There's no lock that can't be broke," including the all-mighty U-lock.

Featured YouTube Video: Bicycling in DC