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Gear Prudence: Help Me Dress for Bicycling in Autumn

I know how to bundle up for winter and strip down for summer, but autumn dressing baffles me.

Gear Prudence: I Need a Powerful Bike Light That Doesn’t Blind Other Cyclists

Plus: I keep getting flats! What gives?

The Rise of Biking in D.C., Visualized

All 37 locations where DDOT counts took place experienced increases in the number of cyclists from 2008 to 2014.

Gear Prudence: I’m Out of Shape, But I Want to Bike More

Weekend group rides—of which there is no paucity in D.C.—are a great way to make the transition from sometimes bike commuter to More Serious Cyclist.

Gear Prudence: Must I Make Way for Right-Turning Drivers at Red Lights?

You’re in a tricky spot.

Gear Prudence: Who Gets the Last Bike at a Bikeshare Station?

There's no such thing as "closer wins."

Gear Prudence: Occupational Hazards and Biking Drunk

GP counsels a reader drawing unwanted special treatment at work.

D.C. Kicks Off Vision Zero Initiative to Stop Traffic Deaths

Proponents of the program hope to eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the city by 2024. How they’ll do so remains to be seen.

Gear Prudence: Should I Accept that Biking’s Not for Me?

Think of bike commuting like Pride and Prejudice.

District Line Daily: Bike Legislation Returns

One of the bill's opponents from last year introduced the new version.

Capital Bikeshare Riders: Younger, Whiter, More Male than D.C. Average

Capital Bikeshare is out with a new survey of its users, and things are pretty rosy in the world of the bike-sharing service. Users are opting more for Bikeshare trips over other forms of transportation, and their most serious concern seems to be getting more stops.
Bikeshare members think that a Bikeshare membership means a big [...]

What Kind Of Cycling Is D.C. Good For?

Bicycling magazine has ranked D.C. number four on its list of best cities for cyclists, a nine-place leap for the city, which ranked at 13 last year:
There is no clearer evidence of the urban-cycling revolution sweeping the United States than in the nation’s capital, where ridership jumped 80 percent from 2007 to 2010. The District [...]

How to Bust a U-lock

Think a U-lock is enough protection for a D.C. bike? While being interviewed for the article "Bike Theft: A Victim, a Cop and a Thief on Capitol Hill," which appears in this week's dead-tree version of City Paper, an experienced bike thief suggested: "There's no lock that can't be broke," including the all-mighty U-lock.

Featured YouTube Video: Bicycling in DC