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Gear Prudence: Who Gets the Last Bike at a Bikeshare Station?

There's no such thing as "closer wins."

Bikeshare Probably Headed to the Mall

It seemed silly that Bikeshare and the National Mall weren't paired up when the public bike program rolled out, which may be why the National Park Service is saying they were totally considering that option all along you guys, jeez:
The National Park Service began seeking public input Tuesday on five proposed sites for bike share [...]

The Needle: Children Are The Future Edition

Kids R Us: Don't believe the hype about how no one can raise children without moving to the 'burbs! A new ranking from Parenting magazine declares D.C. the best city in the country to raise kids (in the latest installment of Arbitrary National Rankings we collect here). The District edged out Austin, Texas, Boston, and [...]