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The Needle: Delayed Homicide

Guns Kill People: Former White House press secretary James Brady's death this week was due to injuries suffered when would-be Ronald Reagan assassin John Hinckley shot Brady in the head, the Virginia medical examiner's office ruled. Brady's death counts as a 2014 D.C. homicide for statistics. Don't expect this to do much to help bring sanity to public discourse [...]

Buy D.C.: Bikes

Each week, Buy D.C. will highlight shops and items you can only find in the D.C. area, featuring different goods from different shops all around the city, curated by 94.7 Fresh FM co-host and owner Kelly Collis.
Clean Trousers
The ultimate accessory for biking to work (or maybe a date)? The trouser strap helps keep the urban cyclist’s pants [...]

Man Hits Up Every Capital Bikeshare Station, Because YOLO

Just because you've seen one Capital Bikeshare station doesn't mean you've seen them all. Unless you're Paul Wasneski and you have actually seen them all—all 245 of them.
Wasneski, a 34 year-old Navy Yard resident and public-transit aficionado, went on a three-weekend mission to hit up every Capital Bikeshare dock. As proof, he took photos at each [...]

Video: Cab Driver Cuts Into Bike Lane, Gets Caught

When bike commuter Bill Walsh caught a cab driver making an illegal U-turn across the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lane Thursday, he figured it was just more proof of a long-running problem. Instead, the video has become a hit, earning more than 500,000 views since being posted Friday.
In the video, a cab U-turns into Walsh's path. [...]

District Line Daily: Maybe Next Year

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That game. Taking RGIII out would've been a tough call for Mike Shanahan, but you don't [...]

Cyclist Wants $70,000 for Capitol Hill Dooring

Dooring—the unexpected opening of a car door in the path of a bike—can be the bane of urban cyclists. Now one biker who says he was injured when a taxi door opened in front of him is suing the driver, the cab company—and the federal government.
Eastern Market resident Micah Dammeyer was headed north on 1st [...]

What the Examiner Should Have Written About Capital Bikeshare

Things Examiner reporter Liz Essley could’ve written about in today’s Examiner, based on the statistic that there are more driver-biker crashes given the rising number of cyclists in D.C.:

Why more cyclists on the road mean more crashes, but also mean roads are safer
Whether better education is needed for drivers and cyclists
If there's a critical [...]

Harriet Tregoning Busted for Unbagged Bike on Metro

You can't take a folding bike on Metro during rush hour unless it's in a bag. Even if you're Office of Planning director and Brompton acolyte Harriet Tregoning.
Tregoning tried to bring her Brompton onto a Metro train last Friday, on her way to a meeting in Virginia Square. Lo and behold:
“I had some hardass station [...]

Photo: Tire Toss

Yards Park, 3rd and Water St., SE.  June 16th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Drivers And Cyclists Should Probably Switch Places Occasionally

I was a little miffed that WTOP brought in a editor—the website for cars—to be the sole voice in a radio hit about the ongoing battle between cyclists and cars. Still, Carroll Lachnit, who says she also bikes, was pleasantly surprising in her comments. She offered good tips to drivers for how to avoid endangering [...]

365 Days In The Life Of A Locked Bike

Weird/cool video alert: The Atlantic Cities has a time-lapse video from an ad agency that locked a bike to a rack in New York City on Jan. 1 of last year and photographed it daily as it was dissembled by New Yorkers. It took five months before anyone even swiped anything—the water bottle.
Though we occasionally [...]

Why Bikeshare Data Doesn’t Speak for Everyone on a Bike

Sound the data siren: Virginia Tech's released a study about Capital Bikeshare, "A Closer Look at Casual Users and Operations"! Though there's one surprising nugget—51.33 percent of Bikeshare riders are female, while only around 30 percent of cyclists in the District in total are female—the other statistics are probably what one would expect: 78.17 percent [...]

Republicans Hate Your Bike

You know who else—besides angry drivers—hates bicyclists? Republicans! Writes Washington City Paper alum Stephanie Mencimer at Mother Jones:
The federal government spends about $40 billion a year on transportation projects. Of that, about $928 million has been devoted to what's known as a "transportation enhancement" program, which provides funding for projects—including rails-to-trails conversions, bike lanes and bridges—that make [...]

The Needle: Torch Song Edition

Mosquitos Will Kill You: Itching and scratching is no longer the worst possible consequence of spending too much time outside without a proper dousing of DEET first. City health officials say they've identified West Nile virus in mosquitos in the District. There's only a real danger for about one in 150 people who gets bitten [...]

The Needle: More Marijuana Edition

Damn The Torpedoes: The Department of Justice recently reminded federal law enforcement authorities that marijuana is illegal in the U.S., no matter what laws cities or states might pass to the contrary. Here in the District, that might have threatened a nascent medical marijuana program—except Mayor Vince Gray has apparently decided he doesn't care what [...]