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Gear Prudence: How Can I Get a Bike Lane Added to a Particular Street?

Are you a thrill seeker looking for an adrenaline rush? Try local civic participation.

Gear Prudence: I Keep Getting Lost While Biking

I spend more time looking at the map on my phone than actually riding.

Gear Prudence: I Biked on the Sidewalk Where It’s Legal. Then Another Cyclist Scolded Me!

Plus: Do the different bicycle emojis mean different things?

Gear Prudence: I Cursed Out a Driver in Front of Some Kids

Plus: Can I store my bike outside my house, securely, without a bike shed?

Gear Prudence: I Biked Too Much, And Now I Can’t Stand It!

Bike burnout is real.

Gear Prudence: Are Cycling Caps for Dorks?

My wife gasped when she saw one.

Gear Prudence: My Friends Keep Asking Me to Research Bikes, But They Never Take My Advice!

Buying a bike over the Internet is hard.

Gear Prudence: Where Can I Ride Laps On My Bike in D.C.?

Somewhere other than Hains Point for a change

Gear Prudence: Must I Make Way for Right-Turning Drivers at Red Lights?

You’re in a tricky spot.

Gear Prudence: How Can I Convince My Girlfriend to Ride the Bike I Bought Her?

You’re going to need to trick her.

Gear Prudence: Should I Buy a Bike From Craigslist?

There are three big reasons to be concerned about buying a bike (or anything else, really) from online listing sites.

Gear Prudence: Biking in D.C. in 2015

What's ahead in 2015 for biking in D.C.

Gear Prudence: Do Bad NFL Teams Cause Road Rage?

Plus: Gift ideas for the bicyclist in your life

Gear Prudence: What’s a Good Bike-Themed Halloween Costume?

Advice for playing dress-up, without Lycra.

Gear Prudence: Can We Talk About Bike Helmets?

Plus: Are earbuds dangerous?