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Gear Prudence: My Friend Wants to Spend a Fortune on a New Bike

N00b cyclist eyes a very pricey ride, plus helicopter parenting while riding.

Gear Prudence: I Can’t Get Over The Theft of My Bike

"I have been unable to bring myself to buy another bike, even though I like biking."

As Cyclists Rally Against Illegal U-Turns, Drivers Make Their Point

DDOT says it's "studying" installing barriers on the 1300 and 1400 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

Gear Prudence: How Do I Handle Tailgaters?

"I’ve had problems with other bicyclists riding up really close behind me, then just staying there."

Gear Prudence: I’m an Apartment Dweller. Where Can I Clean My Bike?

Your desire for a clean bike is laudable as is your instinct to avoid cleaning your bike inside your apartment.

Gear Prudence: Should I Accept that Biking’s Not for Me?

Think of bike commuting like Pride and Prejudice.

Riding a Bike on the Sidewalk Makes Sense. Why the Hate?

Campaigns that shame cyclists for riding on the sidewalk ignore the real dangers they face.

Gear Prudence: I’m Awkward Around Bike Racks

Real confidence can only come from self-assurance in the proper functioning of your own equipment.

Gear Prudence: Why Do People Take Bikeshare Bikes on the Metro?

It’s masochism.

Gear Prudence: I’m a Teleworker Who Misses My Bike Commute

Plus: How many times can a person wear bike clothes before it's disgusting?

Gear Prudence: Should I Speed Over Broken Glass? Slow Down?

When faced with the fate of flats, is it a fait accompli?

On Bike to Work Day, New Protections, Same Ol’ Crashes

DDOT is installing new barriers along the Pennsylvania Avenue NW cycletrack to combat illegal U-turns.

Gear Prudence: Do I Really Need to Train for a 100-Mile Ride?

"I bristle at the idea of 'training,' but is that something I need to do if I want to finish a 100-mile charity ride?"

Gear Prudence: How Can I Tell Another Cyclist His Butt Is Showing?

Is there a non-awkward way to say, “I can see your butt. Is that what you want?”

District Line Daily: Jumping Taller Fences

You still don't want to drink that petroleum water.