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How to Use the Inagural Bike Valet

Tomorrow, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association will be running Inauguration Day bike valet stations from 7 am to 5 pm.
If you're interested in having the cycling-supporters park and guard your ride while you hang with Obama, one of the two stations will be located north of the National Mall at 16th St. NW between K [...]

Not Using the Inaugural Bike Valet? You Can Still Park Your Cycle

Yesterday, the Washington City Paper's own Darrow Montgomery asked an important question in the comments section of a post focusing on the flood of RSVPs (as of now, over 1,300) the Washington Area Bicycle Association has received for its Inaug-Day bicycle-parking service: "What happens to bikes locked up outside these areas?"
Seeking an answer, City Desk [...]

Inaugural Bike Valet Station RSVPs May Be Sign of Bike-pocalypse

Update: How to Use the Inaugural Bike Valet
WABA program-assistant Henry Mesias, who has provided City Desk with all sorts of timely scoops regarding the free bike valet service the association will offer on Inauguration Day, says the non-profit is fully prepared for a "bikepocalypse."  And why might he predict one?  Around this time last week, [...]

Bike Valet Station Coming to Inauguration 2009?

Update: It's on. Find out how to use the inaugural bike valet here
The Washington Area Bicycle Association's Henry Mesias says a 2:30 meeting between the organization and the District Department of Transportation yesterday, in which plans to allow WABA to set up a bike valet station for Inauguration Day were discussed, "went well."  But [...]