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Gear Prudence: Should I Sneak in Front of Cars at Lights?

Shoaling: It's not just for bikes anymore!

Gear Prudence: What Are The Perils Of Winter Riding?

Beware the darkness, snow, and tauntaun guts.

Council Takes Up Bike-Damages Bill—Again

This is the fourth such bill to be introduced, but this time it may have more support.

Gear Prudence: Biking in D.C. in 2015

What's ahead in 2015 for biking in D.C.

Gear Prudence: Do Bad NFL Teams Cause Road Rage?

Plus: Gift ideas for the bicyclist in your life

Gear Prudence: The Box is Blocked! What Should I Do?

How to navigate intersections when the cars won't let them go

Gear Prudence: Should I Bring My Bike Home for the Holidays?

Marital advice meets bike advice.

Gear Prudence: It’s Dark. How Can I Keep Riding My Bike?

Illumination, illuminated

Gear Prudence: What’s with the Flip-Flopping Bike Lane Figure?

Plus: I flipped off my bike-hating boss. I'm totally fired, right?

Gear Prudence: How Can I Avoid Dating Dainty-Legged Dudes?

Love is an uphill climb.

Gear Prudence: My Building Hates Bikes!

Gear Prudence: Before each bike commute, I want to make sure I have the essentials with me. What do you think are the minimal necessities a bike commuter needs? Is a patch kit and a Metrocard enough? —Packed, Ready, Ever Prepared
Dear PREP: The minimal necessities will vary depending on the length and terrain of your [...]

Gear Prudence: Why Won’t Other Riders Greet Me?

Gear Prudence: How come bicyclists on the Metropolitan Branch Trail are so fickle about saying hi to each other when we pass? I pass the same sourpusses nearly every day and say hi, but either get ignored or a blank distant cold stare in return. Isn’t there some code (not just human decency) that bicyclists [...]

Gear Prudence: Should I Really Be Wearing All This Lycra?

Gear Prudence: What do you do when approaching a four-way stop with multiple drivers on the other streets who don’t know how to yield the right of way or make a decision? Do you race through? Do you direct traffic? Do you stare and make funny faces?—So Tired Of People Pausing Extraneously, Dammit
Dear STOPPED: According [...]

Gear Prudence: I Think a Columnist Might Attack Me!

Gear Prudence: I’m pretty sure a local columnist wants to shove a broomstick in my spokes. If he does, what do I do? —Not Into Nasty Journalists’ Attacks
Dear NINJA: Don’t panic. I’m sure you’ve just mistaken the helpful, but errant, offer of a broomstick (perhaps to sweep up the hair you’ve ripped out while reading and rereading [...]

There Have Been 95 Reported Crashes on Capital Bikeshare Since Its Launch

Capital Bikeshare celebrated its 7 millionth trip yesterday morning, a figure that, at least statistically, could easily be accompanied by a scary number of bike crashes.
There were nearly 49,000 bike accidents nationwide in 2012—the most recent year data is available—according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That year there were 726 bike accident fatalities.
But [...]