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Gear Prudence: I Cursed Out a Driver in Front of Some Kids

Plus: Can I store my bike outside my house, securely, without a bike shed?

Gear Prudence: I Biked Too Much, And Now I Can’t Stand It!

Bike burnout is real.

Gear Prudence: Are Cycling Caps for Dorks?

My wife gasped when she saw one.

Gear Prudence: My Friends Keep Asking Me to Research Bikes, But They Never Take My Advice!

Buying a bike over the Internet is hard.

Gear Prudence: Help Me Dress for Bicycling in Autumn

I know how to bundle up for winter and strip down for summer, but autumn dressing baffles me.

Gear Prudence: I Need a Powerful Bike Light That Doesn’t Blind Other Cyclists

Plus: I keep getting flats! What gives?

Gear Prudence: I’m Out of Shape, But I Want to Bike More

Weekend group rides—of which there is no paucity in D.C.—are a great way to make the transition from sometimes bike commuter to More Serious Cyclist.

Gear Prudence: Is ‘Taking the Lane’ Good Practice?

Biking in D.C. means that at some point, you’re going to be in a situation in which taking the lane is not only a viable option but likely advisable.

Gear Prudence: Should I Sneak in Front of Cars at Lights?

Shoaling: It's not just for bikes anymore!

Gear Prudence: What Are The Perils Of Winter Riding?

Beware the darkness, snow, and tauntaun guts.

Council Takes Up Bike-Damages Bill—Again

This is the fourth such bill to be introduced, but this time it may have more support.

Gear Prudence: Biking in D.C. in 2015

What's ahead in 2015 for biking in D.C.

Gear Prudence: Do Bad NFL Teams Cause Road Rage?

Plus: Gift ideas for the bicyclist in your life

Gear Prudence: The Box is Blocked! What Should I Do?

How to navigate intersections when the cars won't let them go

Gear Prudence: Should I Bring My Bike Home for the Holidays?

Marital advice meets bike advice.