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Real Housewives Coming to Suburb Near You

Maryland's "best kept secret" gets some exposure on Bravo next year.

Metro’s Brand New Bethesda Station Escalator Malfunctions Again

Trains on Metro’s Red Line bypassed the Bethesda station beginning around 9:20 a.m. because of the outage.

The Needle: Florida Man

Respecting the President: Republican Rep. John Mica of Florida actually said the following in an interview with FOX 5: " I think the president must be spending too much time in Colorado because you would have to be high to think that Congress or anyone else is going to support making the District of Columbia the 51st state." (Obama did note that [...]

The Needle: Citizen Swordcane

En Garde: Security screeners at Dulles caught a passenger Monday trying to take a cane with a sword inside it on board. Transportation Security Administration official say the woman didn't realize she was packing a lethal cane. +1
Because Maryland Got High: The Maryland senate's vote to decriminalize pot Tuesday puts the state one step closer [...]

Apple Employee Reveals Hierarchy of D.C. Apple Stores

During 2011's Lululemon murder trial, two employees of Bethesda's Apple store, which shares a wall with the athletic-apparel store, testified that they heard someone crying, "Oh God, stop" the night of the crime.
"Neither prosecutors nor defense lawyers asked the two employees why they didn't call 911," Bethesda Patch noted at the time. Which is a [...]

Pepco’s Disconnect, Deeper Than Electrical

Less than 24 hours after she lost power, Anne Coventry received a phone call from Pepco. The automated voice told Coventry that crews had restored electricity to her neighborhood. Yet her house remained dark and overly hot. “It's bad enough to worry about being without power in the heat with an infant at home,” says [...]

People In D.C. Really Want To Live In Bethesda

Real estate search company Trulia has mined the data from its users' housing searches and made cool-looking maps out of it. In D.C., users who are looking for new places to live outside of D.C. really, really like looking at houses in Bethesda (and Baltimore).
The love is mutual, apparently: Bethesda residents spend a lot of [...]

Triumphant Outcast Psychic Eyes Bethesda Comeback

Nick Nefedro, the Gypsy psychic who challenged Montgomery County's fortune-telling ban and won, tells City Desk that he plans to come back to Bethesda and start looking for a place to re-open his psychic shop. 
Well, just as soon as the time for filing an appeal is up. The county has 90 days to dispute the June 10 Maryland [...]

World Cup Roundup: Brazil Backers Blitz Bethesda Bar

Attendance at the actual World Cup games in South Africa may be lagging. But Tommy Joe's in Bethesda isn't having that problem. Special correspondent Alex Burchfield reports live from the restaurant on Montgomery Lane, during Tuesday afternoon's Brazil-North Korea match:
20th minute-The place is packed. Rough head count: about 70. One woman has fashioned herself a dress out of a Brazilian flag. [...]

Peeping Tom Peeking Into Homes Across Bethesda

The Montgomery County Police Department issued a press release Friday warning of a possible peeping tom peeking in on women in their homes in North Bethesda:
"Since April 26, 2010, there have been four reports of 'peeping tom' activity at residential apartments which all involve a similarly described black male suspect, in his 30’s or 40’s." [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

When street cars were given short shrift
Some folks on the Council got miffed
DC can afford it
So Vincent restored it
The whole thing was silly, but swift
But speaking of Councilman Gray
It's final; his fence cannot stay
At 5'7" high
It's taller than I
And slightly less tasteful, I'd say
The language's moment was fleeting
And all that I know is a [...]

Morning Roundup: The “Loud BOOM!” Edition

Happy Hump-Day! I can see you slumping over and sleeping at your desk, so I’ve helpfully ended each news-blip with a BOOM, in honor of the Black Eyed Peas, Brett from FOTC, and the DC Metro transit system. Stay awake! Boom!
For those metro riders who have finally managed to assuage their fears of track-jumpers and [...]

Public Transit Woes: How Safe Are We?

When it comes to public transportation, residents of the greater Washington area are relatively fortunate.  Metro trains and buses come with relative frequency, they are clean (for the most part), and they can accommodate the masses of commuters and tourists that congregate in this city.  But since Saturday, four people have died at local transit [...]

Bethesda Is No. 2 on Forbes’ Most Livable Cities List

And no, that's not a typo or a joke.

Water Main Break Traps Drivers On River Road

A huge water main break has flooded River Road. The rising waters have trapped drivers in their cars. The scene is pretty intense, live feeds are airing on the national cable channels right now. According to WTOP, 10 people have already been rescued:
"River Road is a raging torrent of water. River Road is closed between [...]