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Our Morning Roundup: Can DCPS Heat Its Classrooms?

Almost as awesome as the real Arenas' twitter posts, FakeShanahan writes via Twitter yesterday:
"Wait a minute. Clinton Portis is on this team?"
"Wow DC is as cold as Denver. I don't see what the big difference is going to be. Oh yeah, all the losing."
"I'm ironing my clothes for tomorrow's Press Conference [...]

Can You Still Go To Brunch? Yes. Target? No.

So what the hell is actually open right now? Plenty. The District still loves to eat brunch even in these conditions. Here is a list of places currently open for business. We will update throughout the day:
3:10 p.m. Update:
The Diner: The Adams Morgan restaurant is open. It has no plans on shutting down its 24-hour [...]

Photo: U Street Reporter


Cheap Seats Daily: Somebody Once Wrote a Nice Dan Snyder Story? Does It Hold Up? No?

Today's the last day to enter Dan Snyder's Cheerleader Pride Giveaway Contest! Tomorrow, folks at Snyder's sportstalker, WTEM, will hold the drawing to find out the five 25-to-54-year-old males who've won the right to have Redskins cheerleaders — armed with sponges and buckets and zero self-esteem — come over and scrub down their cars.
Come on, [...]

Ben Ali Created a Political Mecca

LL reached a rather distraught Marshall Brown moments ago.
Brown (along with fellow politico and ex-Barry aide Bernard Demczuk) is first among local politickers as a denizen of Ben's Chili Bowl, and as a friend of its proprietor, Ben Ali, who died today at 82. He remembers his longtime friend with this line: "He came here [...]

Ben Ali Dies at 82

Sad news for the District of Columbia: Ben Ali, the patriarch of U Street institution Ben's Chili Bowl, passed away last night at around 9:00 pm. A family member said that Ali "passed peacefully," noting that he'd had "health issues off and on." Ali had just recently returned for a cruise with his wife, Virginia—the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Play Ball Edition

JDLand has her own thoughts on the allegedly slow development around Nationals Park (including both Southeast and Southwest sides). She uses the Post's archives to make the point that the MCI Center didn't exactly create instant redevelopment. [She doesn't use those same archives to chart all the failed promises city leaders have made concerning Nationals [...]

Madea “Prison Break Special” Today at Ben’s

Today from 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. you'll get $1 off a half-smoke at Ben's Chili Bowl if you ask for the "prison break special."
The occasion? Another cold-opening, guaranteed moneymaker from Tyler Perry, Madea Goes to Jail.
The press release from Lionsgate claims that all proceeds will go toward funding Madea's bail. (My guess is the [...]

Usher Leaves Ben’s

Among the roughly 1 million customers at Ben's Chili Bowl on U Street tonight was R&B superstar Usher. Upon his exit, Usher waved to the U Street crowd and ducked into the black Escalade with tinted windows waiting for him in the alley. After he skirted the crowd, at least one woman expressed disappointment that [...]

UPDATE: Ben’s Chili Bowl Still Popular!

In the wake of members of every other media organization on the planet, I went by Ben's Chili Bowl this afternoon.*
THIS JUST IN: There's still a crowd in and outside the place!
The line should get manageable again sometime around 2017...
*Cliche as this drive-by was, the trip left me totally jazzed. The elation outside Ben's is [...]

Obama at Ben’s: The Video

Obama, Fenty Visit Ben’s Chili Bowl

Barack Obama made his first foray as president-elect into local Washington today, joining Mayor Adrian M. Fenty at about 1 p.m. for a chili half-smoke.
The AP and WaPo have coverage, and here's the official pool report:
The president-elect departed the Hay-Adams at 11.35 in the motorcade to film an interview segment with George Stephanopoulos, to be [...]

Our Morning Roundup: A Christmas Music Mix Worth Downloading

Prince of Petworth offers a first look at the new Ben's side project. Needless to say it's more upscale than the vintage hot smoke spot. It's like Marvin if Marvin offered chili dogs.
Skatterbrain offers a killer indie X-Mas mix for all those that may be tired of the usual Christmas staples.
The Vinyl District wants to [...]

Photos: U Street, Hard at Work

While you were watching the election returns:
Seven-Eleven, U St. & 11th St. NW

Ben's Chili Bowl, U St. & 13th St. NW

Rite Aid, U St. & 13th St. NW

What Would Ben’s Chili Bowl Do?

Ben's Chili Bowl is an epicenter of District Obama supporters. Nearly every employee wears a button—or twelve. Everyone's expecting a clear win for Ben's favorite candidate. But what are they going to do if McCain wins? I spoke to D.C. residents enjoying their election day lunch at Ben's to find out their worst case scenarios.

Carl [...]