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District Line Daily: Ferguson Protests Continue in D.C.

Walmart workers go on strike on Black Friday.

Bill Cosby Still Gets Free Food at Ben’s Chili Bowl

The restaurant says Bill Cosby is still part of its family.

The Needle: Who Rescued Who?

Rescue Dog: A D.C. man was reunited with his cockapoo (that's a cocker spaniel and poodle mix) after his house was broken into last week and the dog was stolen along with some electronics. +3
Reagan's Chili Bowl: It looks like Ben's Chili Bowl is opening shop in Reagan National Airport. Because everyone wants to sit next [...]

The Needle: Always-Smoke

Day or Night: National Journal argues that politicians making photo-op stops at Ben's Chili Bowl are doing it wrong, since because it's daytime and they're eating greasy food that is only good late at night. But that's plain wrong. Ben's is always good. -4
Lactation Station: The D.C. Council is preparing legislation that would create a central [...]

The Needle: Chilly Chili

Chilly Chili: A San Francisco–based website is launching a service that ships food across the country, including a frozen 16-pack of half smoke chili dogs from Ben's Chili Bowl for $79.99. +2
Slow and Steady: Phase 1 of Metro's Silver Line is scheduled to reach "substantial completion" in November, but WMATA is still far from announcing [...]

The Needle: Half-Smoke Expansionism Edition

Half-Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em: Soon a respectable night out on H Street NE will end the way one does on U Street NW. Ben's Chili Bowl has acquired 1001 H St. NE, and expects the new location to be up and running in about eight months. (Unfortunately for adventurous, highly inebriated late-night eaters, the [...]

The Needle: Poor Chili Choices

Chili Catastrophe: Twenty-seven people plan to run a half marathon on Nov. 3, gobbling a half-smoke and chips at Ben's Chili Bowl halfway through. Hope the street cleaners have been notified. -2
Ha Ha, Debate: Forced meme "binders full of women" now has its own cocktail, available at The Passenger. -3

The Needle: More Chili Edition

Ben's H Street Chili Bowl: When the Ali family, which owns Ben's Chili Bowl, bought property on H Street NE, they played coy about what kind of establishment they'd open there. Would it be a second outpost of the original on U Street NW? Or would it be some other restaurant altogether? The answer: More [...]

The Needle: Post Profanity Edition

Occupy Half-Smokes: The District was protest central yesterday, with marches tied to the MLK Jr. Memorial dedication overlapping with the ongoing Occupy D.C. encampments in Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square. Raheem DeVaughn and Cornel West were arrested outside the Supreme Court in one march, against the Citizens United decision that essentially found corporations had a [...]

The Needle: Genocidal Colonization Day Edition

#OccupyDC: Considering how much help the rich folks on Wall Street have from the government based here, it's no wonder a protest modeled on Occupy Wall Street has now arrived in the District. Now a protest in Freedom Plaza, which was supposed to end today according to a National Park Service permit, will continue past [...]

The Needle: Ben’s Suburban Chili Bowl Edition

The Orange Line's Chili Bowl?: Until Nationals Park opened, there was only one place in the world to get an authentic Ben's Chili Bowl half-smoke, and that was on U Street. Now, of course, there's the ballpark stands, but the real change may come in a bit; Ben's is thinking of expanding to Dupont Circle, [...]

Today in D.C. History: Rioting Spreads Following MLK’s Assassination

On April 5, 1968, civil disorder that had started the night before after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination in Memphis turned into a full-scale riot in the District, prompting a federal response to protect the government and restore order on the streets.
The night before, local African American organizers—including activist Stokley Carmichael—had begun ordering stores [...]

The Needle: Sanity, Meet Fear Edition

Restore Sanity Here: Information on the Oct. 30 Jon Stewart "Rally to Restore Sanity" has been dribbling out bit by bit since it was announced. Today's news? The location! The rally will take place on the Mall between 3rd and 7th streets. Unless, of course, the rally's FAQ page is just more fake news. No word [...]

The Needle: Hoax Not So Wise Edition

Hard-Earned Wisdom: Yesterday afternoon, Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise appeared to have a huge scoop on Twitter—Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger would be suspended for five games for an alleged assault. Before you could say "April Fool's in August," the Internet was abuzz with the news. Which was precisely Wise's point; the whole thing was [...]

Fenty Friend Peter Nickles Fails Upward: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Councilmembers To Nickles: WTF,"Poll Shows Fenty Beating Gray In Ward One," "Thieves Loot Argonaut," "Runaway Horse Dashed Through Cap Hill"
Good morning. D.C. Council Chairman and [...]