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ESPNZone Provides Closure to Local Diners

So how come they always made me wait for a table?
The D.C. ESPNZone is closing, along with all but the Southern California outposts of the sportscentric food chain. They'll be shuttered by the end of next week.
I figured up to now that our local ESPNZone was doing fab, only because I had to stand near [...]

John Wall Can Rebuild What Rod Strickland Tore Down — Strickland’s Reputation

In all my years of typing, few athletes have given me as many giggles as Rod Strickland. While I was away wiping baby butt, Rod continued making his own mess.
Washingtonians have any number of reasons to despise him. This is the player, remember, who Wes Unseld gave up Rasheed Wallace to get here. He's also [...]

Hot Off the Presses: Total Disrespect!

Another day, another update about the bankruptcy case filed by Creative Loafing, our parent company.
Apparently a judge in the bankruptcy court will announce tomorrow if Creative Loafing's current owners can continue owning us and the rest of the chain, or if Atalaya, a creditor owed oodles (and a firm that also owns Bennigans), will be [...]