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Jewelry Industry Equally Confused, Hurt By Barry

Whether you're a member of the D.C.  Council or one of Ward 8's ANC Commissioners, you have rendered an opinion about the conduct of Councilmember Marion S. Barry, as laid out in the Bennett Report.
Yet one constituency has yet to speak out on the politician's ethics: Jewelry merchants.
Their voice must be heard in this matter, [...]

Are Barry And Donna Watts Really Back Together (Again)?

Dear Bruce Johnson:
Congrats on yesterday's big scoop on WUSA in which you declared that Councilmember Marion Barry and Donna Watts-Brighthaupt are back together (again). This is quite a journalistic accomplishment! Especially considering your incredibly flimsy proof.
Let's dissect your evidence. You attribute your findings to "people who know them." At this point, that's just about everybody [...]