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The Needle: Artistic License

Artistic License: D.C. released a new version of its driver's licenses, and it's very flowery. -1

Help Not Wanted: Glenn Beck, Tea Party Patriots, and others will participate in a day of service Saturday where they will clean up the monuments on the National Mall that the "president shutdown." -6

The Needle: Beltway Sex Edition

Because Nothing Says "Hot" Like the Beltway: The New York Times won a Pulitzer for a series on texting while driving (and walking), but now a more dangerous in-car distraction has emerged. A lawsuit in Fairfax County alleges that the defendant caused a car crash on the Beltway last year while driving 85 miles an [...]

The Needle: Ostrich Edition

Politics & Sold: Yes, Borders may be on its way to the brand graveyard. But if the health of the publishing industry can be measured by the fate of bookstores, the news isn't all bad; a buyer was announced today for Politics & Prose, the upper Northwest institution with its own C-SPAN camera. Former Washington [...]

The Needle: Frozen Edition

The Ice of the Inner Loop: Take one part rush hour, one part severe cold snap, one part aging infrastructure, mix gently, and what do you get? Chaos. A water main burst near Central Avenue early this morning, leaving several lanes of the Beltway under water—which, in the delightful Arctic cold that descended on the [...]

The Needle: Metro Ceiling Collapse Edition

The Sky is Falling!: Mark down today's date, Nov. 18, 2010, as one to remember. For it turns out that the latest absurd problem in the Metro system—the chunks of concrete falling from the ceiling onto a platform at the Farragut North stop on the Red Line—was not the transit agency's fault! District Department of [...]