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Today in D.C. History: Beatles Perform 1st Live U.S. Concert in Washington Coliseum

On Feb. 11, 1964, at approximately 3:04 p.m., the Beatles entered D.C. to later play before a sold-out crowd at the Washington Coliseum. Only a few months earlier, the group had been largely unknown in the United States. But on this cold February day, D.C. fans braved 8 inches of snow to hear the band [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Leonsis Says Caps Bigger Than Jesus?

Sally Jenkins goes after Dan Snyder like she'd invested in Six Flags. Her latest column reviews Snyder's historic star-struckitude and avoidance of personal accountability, and every paragraph is great and dead-on and brutal.
A sampling:
This is Snyder's team; he was intimately involved in assembling it. He keeps his favorite players on speed dial, watches practices on [...]

The Greatest Show Goes On for the Felds, DC’s First Family of Entertainment

Ringling Bros. is in the midst of its annual run of shows in our market. The circus plays Fairfax through this weekend.
The show is yet another link to an amazing and underpublicized chain in the area's pop cultural history. It goes back to brothers Izzy and Irvin Feld, who were literally snake oil salesmen growing [...]