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Dupont Underground Exhibit of Repurposed ‘BEACH’ Balls Opens April 30

"It is a piece that is especially relevant to Washington."

The Needle: Sandwich Edition

This (Sandwich) Town: To review This Town, Mark Leibovich's poison-pen letter to wide swaths of official Washington media and political operatives, the New York Times turned to David Shribman, the editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and a former Boston Globe Washington bureau chief. How former? Shribman "departed a decade ago," he says. Maybe that explains [...]

The Needle: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Ol' Virtual Bastard: The Wu-Tang Clan and N.W.A. will headline this year's Rock the Bells hip-hop tour—complete with appearances by dead members of each group. Ol' Dirty Bastard and Eazy-E will both "perform" with their fellow rappers by hologram when the tour stops at RFK Stadium Sept. 28 and 29. ODB's widow Icelene Jones isn't [...]

Photos: A Day at the Beach

Slideshow.  Ocean City, MD.  July 8th.  © 2012 Mike Hicks and Matt Dunn

The Needle: Wind D.C. Statehood Up, Chuck, Edition

Sleep for the Mall: Tourists love to troop around the Mall, and now, some of them will be paying for it. Not through access charges, though; Marriott has announced it'll donate $5 per room at area hotels to the Trust for the National Mall through September. By which point the grass down there will really [...]

Photo: Bent


Photo: Head in the Sand

Nags Head, © 2010 Matt Dunn