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BARACK, GAYGUY, and BATMAN on 68-Page List of Banned D.C. Vanity Plates

Bad news for Washingtonians who want license plates honoring Doctor Who, Barack Obama, or Bruce Wayne—plates related to those things are all on a whopping 68-page list of words that can't be used on D.C. vanity license plates, newly obtained by open records site the Government Attic and available in full below.
The collection of banned [...]

The Needle: Forget It, Vince, It’s Chinatown

Baseball Batman: I'm not much of a baseball guy, so when I go to Nationals Stadium, it's for the stuff that has nothing to do with America's Pastime—beer and the presidents' race. Lately, though, the race has seemed uninspired—just a straight-up footrace, without even a preplanned pratfall to knock Teddy out of the running. Now, [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘Ship Your Pot FedEx to a Former Federal Prosecutor’ Edition; Plus: It’s Friday!

Good morning, Friday! After work today, it's the weekend! Thank you, labor unions!
Have you heard the one about the fake 140-year-old hot dog?
How Batman kicked Superman's ass? ("Holy ass-kicking, Batman!")
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How pot dealers prefer FedEx to UPS ("I mean, if you absolutely, positively have to [...]

Don’t Buy That Dark Knight DVD Just Yet…

Actually, you should totally buy it. I think owning movies is stupid (maybe it's because there's forever a laundry list of stuff I still want to see, but probably because I'm cheap), but even I'd get this one if the nice Warner Bros. peeps hadn't already sent over a for-your-consideration copy. I could watch the [...]