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The Needle: Swagger-Jackers Jacked

The Doughnut Hole: You would think that the pastry fans behind Zeke's DC Donuts—formerly, and controversially, Cool "Disco" Donut—were in the clear, karmically, after they changed their store's name. And yet....  -2
Philly Phanatics: Forget that Craigslist wedding date—too saccharine! Washington's true Craigslist relationship is this one, based around Phillies fandom, Nationals hatred, and "Philadelphia sports [...]

Swing Music: Jayson Werth’s Walk-Up Tunes

No Major League Baseball game today seems complete without wall-to-wall “entertainment,” whether it’s the peeping eye of the Kiss Cam or a fleet of oversized U.S. presidents dashing about the outfield. Even the strictest baseball purists, though, can delight in one aspect of contemporary baseball ephemera: the walk-up song.
The Washington Nationals have their pick of [...]

Is Nationals Owner Ted Lerner an Asshole?

Without knowing him personally, it's hard to say whether Nationals owner Ted Lerner is an asshole. But Lerner does score pretty high on Mother Jones' new ranking of the asshole quotient of various Major League Baseball owners.
Lerner lands around the second tier of Major League owners, according to Mother Jones—less of an asshole than Astros' owner [...]

NATSO: Like Bingo, But for the Nats

Hello, baseball season! Pundits and magazine covers have already predicted that this is the Nationals' year to win the World Series—but if we're truly lucky, that won't be the only reason 2013 is a memorable year. 2013 provided plenty of Nats-related water-cooler chatter that had nothing to do with stats, from conservative columnists' obsession with [...]

Report: Nationals Missed Recruit’s Fatal Meningitis

Mother Jones is out today with a bruising report on how Major League Baseball teams recruit teens in the Dominican Republic, and the Washington Nationals look especially badly. Reporter Ian Gordon's story centers on Nationals prospect Yewri Guillén, who died from bacterial meningitis shortly after attending the team's Dominican training academy in 2011.
Guillén started having headaches [...]

Watch Jayson Werth Win Game 4 for the Nationals

The Washington Nationals will pay Jayson Werth $127 million for the seven years he's under contract with the team. Last night, he might have earned most of his keep in one at-bat. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Werth fought his way back from two strikes to work the count full, fending off 12 pitches [...]

Photo: Woman Holding Ticket

Nationals Park. Oct. 11. © 2012 Matt Dunn

Nationals-Cardinals Game 4: Live!

Will it all end tonight? Either the most exciting season in the Nationals' young history comes to a disappointing finish this evening, or it advances to an all-or-nothing fifth game against the St. Louis Cardinals. In the last few weeks, our fledgling baseball culture has sneaked into all sorts of corners of local life: politics, [...]

Nationals Win Could Help Voting Rights

The Nationals had better improve their play after last night's dismal 12-4 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, because this series isn't about just getting further in the playoffs anymore. Now, the Nationals are playing for D.C. voting rights.
That's because Mayor Vince Gray has made a bet with St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay over [...]

Bring on the MARC Series (Except on Weekends)

The Washington Nationals have already won their division. The Baltimore Orioles have already clinched a playoff berth. And people are already starting to talk about how wild it would be if the two teams met in the World Series this year.
While we're reluctant to jinx either club by speculating too much about that sort of [...]

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Everything Used to Be Better (Cont.): 1941 All-Star Game vs. 2011 All-Star Game

A column in the Philadelphia Daily News today lamented how 15 of the players picked for tonight's All-Star game, including Derek Jeter, the five-hit-gamer and 3000-hit-clubber and sudden It Boy of Summer, won't show up in Arizona for the event.
On paper, the All-Star Game means a lot more now than it used to; since 2003, [...]

Photo: Red Sox Fan

2500 Block Georgia Ave, NW.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

The Needle: How to Disappear Completely Edition

Everything In Its Right Place: In retrospect, the idea that one of the biggest rock bands in the world would want to do a literature drop at a random street corner in Brightwood Park should have seemed off to begin with. But that didn't stop people from getting excited about the prospect that Radiohead's The [...]

Photo: Pedro Martinez

Maury Wills Field,  2500 Georgia Ave, NW.  March 24th.    © 2011 Matt Dunn