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What Were The District’s Biggest Civil Rights Victories?

Since pretty much everyone has the day off except journalists, the downtime has been enormous.  I got lunch (a first in a long time). I paid off a cellphone bill and changed my cellphone plan. I even faxed some healthcare paperwork to a lab that was a week late. And I talked for a good [...]

Pershing Park Case: Nickles Seeks Order Barring Public From Seeing Discovery Materials

The Office of the Attorney General continues to play stall ball in the Pershing Park cases. Recently, District lawyers lost their bid to take back documents previously turned over to plaintiffs attorneys. The fight over the never-ending discovery now centers around the District's filing of a motion for a protective order banning vasts amounts of [...]

Pershing Park Case: OAG Reverts Back To Stonewalling

At this point in the whole Pershing Park court mess, AG Peter Nickles is supposed to just play nice and hope the two big cases settle. Nickles offered up his problematic mea culpa and promised that settlements would be forthcoming. It appears his sweet talk has an expiration date.
Last week, plaintiffs lawyers in the Chang [...]

Pershing Park Case: OAG Finds 2,000 Pages Of Discovery Materials

Seven years on and still more government documents being "found" and turned over to plaintiffs attorneys in the messy Pershing Park case. Today, AG Peter Nickles filed a notice that roughly 2,000 pages of documents had been produced for the plaintiffs. This is not the first of such notices nor will it be the last.
Nickles [...]

Pershing Park Case: Plaintiffs Call For ‘Independent Inquiry’

Today, plaintiffs attorneys in one of the Pershing Park cases filed their response to AG Peter Nickles' sworn statement submitted to the court on August 12. The plaintiffs' response is a 26-page takedown of the OAG's and the D.C. Police Department's conduct in the case as well as a refutation of Nickles' own sworn declaration [...]