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District Line Daily: Survey Stir Fry

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Are supporters of Uber more likely to vote for Michael Brown? Does working for the [...]

Eleanor Holmes Norton Mass-Deletes Debate Tweets

Update, 1:30 p.m.: Norton's spokesman has explained, sort of.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton debuted a spicy new social media presence during last night's presidential debate, tweeting that Mitt Romney "shot his whole wad" and repeatedly spelling Barack Obama's name "Oboma." The tweets prompted one person to ask if she was drunk. For her part, Norton blamed [...]

The Needle: Obama on H Street NE

Penn Social Philanthrophy: Penn Quarter comedy club-turned-bar Penn Social is throwing a football watch and fundraiser Sunday afternoon to benefit two of the business's bar backs, injured last weekend by a drunk driver. +3
Scuttlebutt: Is Barack Obama dining at H Street's Smith Commons tonight? Rumors say yes. +2

Dueling Post Writers Trade Pinocchios, Explore Nature of Truth

Somebody lock down the Pinocchios, because they're flying all over the Washington Post, as Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler and Post opinion writer (and torture enthusiast!) Marc Thiessen debate who is the most Pinocchio.
Handing out Pinocchios on an ascending scale is Kessler's way of pointing out lying garbage people—without actually taking a stand and calling [...]

The Needle: Wilson Building Goes Red

Natitude at the JAWB: At last, the pinkos in the John A. Wilson Building are illuminating the seat of the District government in Soviet red. That, or they're just really jazzed about the Nationals. +1
Parade Hurray: The Fiesta D.C. festival runs all day Sunday on Pennsylvania Avenue. Myriad Metro delays will hold up revelers, but [...]

One Question David Grosso Didn’t Answer on Reddit, and One He Did

Ignoring my advice to avoid Reddit users at all costs, D.C. Council at-large candidate David Grosso took to the site to answer questions yesterday, Barack Obama style. And while Grosso's chances in November may have evaporated the moment incumbent opponent Michael Brown made the ballot, the Reddit people seem to like him.
It soon became clear [...]

The Needle: Obama Backs Roosevelt

Big News for Big Head: Barack Obama has echoed John McCain's demand that Teddy Roosevelt win his first president's race at a Nationals game. -2
Mind the Gap: Washington's gender wage gap is smaller than any of the states', according to the American Association of University Women. On average, District women earn 90 percent of [...]

The Needle: ‘Kraut Comeback

Water 5 Water: Good news for Ward 5 residents soaked by flooding caused by summer storms: Mayor Vince Gray will announce a task force tomorrow aimed at solving flooding in LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale. +1
Obama!: All signs suggest that Barack Obama is eating at Adams Morgan's Mintwood Place tonight. Adams Morgan's dining scene needs the [...]

“The Entire World Is Going to Kick Our Ass”: Supreme Court Crowd Reacts to Verdict

After the Supreme Court upheld most of the Affordable Care Act, City Desk ventured to the court to get reactions to the decision. Some people were thrilled, others weren't too happy

"I didn’t come to this country for slavery," says 70-year-old Susan Clark of Santa Monica, Calif. "I want Mount Rushmore. There’s not a Democrat on [...]

GSA Spending Spree Fallout Has Obama “Apoplectic”

The scandal over spending by the General Services Administration—the federal government's landlord, which controls vast swaths of D.C. office space—has President Barack Obama furious, says David Axelrod, via New York magazine:
[...]President Obama is "apoplectic" over the the ongoing investigation into the General Services Administration's elaborate 2010 conference in Vegas, which has caused something of problem for the administration. Whether [...]

The Needle: Sing, Sing, Sing Edition

Don't Worry, If There's a Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go: With frequent delays and crowded trains, Metro's Orange Line can bring out incivility in anyone. But a new ad in the Clarendon station is rude even accounting for its location. Written to complain about President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law, it includes the choice line, [...]

Gray Wasn’t Invited to the SOTU. So What?

WTOP's Mark Plotkin is not pleased that President Barack Obama neglected to invite Mayor Vince Gray to the State of the Union address tonight.

Talk about a non-story!
True, Gray has never been invited to the speech by the president—he attended last year as a guest of Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (although, based on her less-than-pleased tone [...]

Obamas Go To Church At The Same Rate As Most People

I guess I don't know why it matters that the president hasn't found a church home in D.C. But apparently it does. The Post reports:
Although many just wanted to spend a morning with the first family, others had hopes the Obamas would choose their church exclusively. The Obamas have not joined a Washington congregation.
Since becoming [...]

The Needle: Guilty As Charged Edition

And Then There Were 12: For months, Harry Thomas Jr. claimed he was innocent of all the allegations against him, even after he agreed to repay the District $300,000 that the attorney general said he stole. And then all of a sudden, he admitted he did it all. In a guilty plea in federal court [...]

The Needle: Moving In Edition

You're Not From Here, Are You?: Less than a year after the U.S. Census Bureau shocked everyone in the District with the news that the city's population had grown, by nearly 30,000 people, for the first time in 50 years, a new report came out today showing that no state (or "equivalent," as the District [...]