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Day Three at City Paper: Meet, Well, Me

I joined the Washington City Paper family this week, replacing the beloved Jule Banville, the recently departed asst. managing editor and D.C. brunch-culture-hater who was kind enough to leave in her office some very important things, such as an AP Stylebook, two dictionaries and a bottle of Tylenol. She left a rotten banana, too, but [...]

“By a Baltimore Sun Staff Writer”

Nice story today in the Baltimore Sun about the U of Maryland's plan to put a parking lot and maintenance sheds where there are now 15 acres of woods. Don't bother calling up the writer to give a compliment. They're on a byline strike today. The one-day protest is against Sun owners the Tribune Co., [...]

PostSun Content Sharing: Limited on the Sports Front

OK, so just moments after the announcement of a groundbreaking content-sharing agreement between the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun, here comes a memo from the Post 's top sports editor, Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, saying, hey, in practice, we don't have too much to share with our competitor.
I would abridge it and comment on it, but [...]

Post to Share Content with Baltimore Sun

No pre-vacation slowdown at the Washington Post. Yesterday brought news of the resignation of dot-com chief Jim Brady. Today, a content-sharing arrangement with the Baltimore Sun. With both papers buffeted by contemporary media conditions, this move makes a lot of sense. Especially for the Sun: The last time I checked out its Metro section, it [...]