The Needle: Party Fumble

Workers' Comp: Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones  was injured while partying in D.C. early this morning after a fight broke out on the party bus he was on with Ravens teammates. A stripper named Sweet Pea allegedly hit Jacoby with a big Ace of Spades bottle, causing him to bleed everywhere. (Based on [...]

Redskins Offer New, Less Gougy Lottery Ticket!

The devaluation of all things Washington Redskins continues.
The latest evidence: "Hail the the Redskins," a new, cheaper scatch ticket coming out of the partnership between the team and the Virginia Lottery.
Hail to the Redskins is the third Redskins scratch game in as many years.
The original Redskins scratcher, Redskins Mania, debuted in 2009. In keeping with [...]

The Needle: Goodnight Irene Edition

Irene, Goodnight: If you're still thinking about Tuesday's earthquake, your anxieties are hopelessly passé. All the cool kids are now worrying about Hurricane Irene, set to blow by the Delaware coast this weekend on its way to turning New York City into an outtake from a disaster movie, tossing a bunch of rain and wind [...]

Fight for Old D.C. (Cont.): Did the Baltimore Ravens Draft Tyrod Taylor to Be Footsoldier in the Harbaugh Plan?

Looks like the Baltimore Ravens really are intent on moving the line of scrimmage for fandom. Their creep into the Nation's Capital continues later this week, with a minor league baseball appearance by draftee Tyrod Taylor.
Ravens Coach John Harbaugh, remember, all but boasted at the end of last season that his organization was going to [...]

The Ravens Are Coming? Baltimore’s D.C. Takeover Commences With Ray Rice Party?

NFL coaches almost never say anything intriguing, but the Ravens' John Harbaugh shocked the world, or at least got local sportsradio phone lines lit up, by using his year-end press conference the other day to boast at how his Baltimore team had decided to encroach on the Redskins' turf.
"We're trying to take control of this [...]

Autographs, Like Trix, Are for Kids

The Baltimore Ravens just announced a policy that every pro sports team and American parent should implement: Autographs are for kids only.
When training camp opens in two weeks in Westminster, the team will make players available to spectators after practice, but only fans between 6 and 15 years old will be allowed into the autograph [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Marino Says the Redskins Won’t Land Anybody Like Bill Cowher?

The Washington Nationals took out a full-page advertisement in Sunday's Washington Post.
Sure, the Nats season ended a while ago. But it makes sense that the Lerners would reach out while local sports fans are planning their sports ticket budgets and deleting Dan Snyder and Redskins.
But this Nationals ad is horrible.
After an all-glowing recap of the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: How Come Sports Journalists Ain’t Journalists?

During the Redskins Broadcasting Network's telecast from Baltimore, Lindsay Czarniak asked Albert Haynesworth, in street clothes, if it was enjoyable watching his teammates play the Ravens.
"Nah, it ain't enjoyable," Haynesworth said.
Which means one thing: Big Al didn't bet the Cheap Seats Daily Double™!
Because had he followed Cheap Seats Daily's Tout #1 and bet this month's [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Snyder’s Sneaky Parking Charge Nets Him Millions?

For the Titanic platform (or maybe not!) of the latest City Paper, I wrote about Dan Snyder's newest parking scheme.
Snyder now adds a parking surcharge to the cost of every ticket sold at non-football events at FedExField. All other venues around town put parking charges, if there are any, in the advertised price of the [...]

The Redskins Anti-Curse™ Holding Strong

As predicted in this space last week, the Cardinals and Eagles benefitted from the Anti-Curse of the Redskins.
Turns out that since Dan Snyder started calling the shots around here, letting the Redskins beat you has become a surer way to get your hands on a Lombardi Trophy than having Tom Brady as your quarterback.
Snyder [...]

The Giants Should’ve Let the Redskins Win One

Bet the mortgage on the Eagles and/or Cardinals this weekend.
Both these squads got beat by the Redskins this year — the Cardinals in Week 3 and the Eagles in Weeks 5 & 16.
In recent seasons, there aren't many harbingers of Super Bowl success as trusty as taking a whupping from the lowly Skins.
You can look [...]