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Nationals Magic Number: 14

Today's magic number for the Nats to clinch their division: 14. Allow us to take this opportunity to jinx the possibility of a D.C. vs. Baltimore matchup in the World Series.

Bring on the MARC Series (Except on Weekends)

The Washington Nationals have already won their division. The Baltimore Orioles have already clinched a playoff berth. And people are already starting to talk about how wild it would be if the two teams met in the World Series this year.
While we're reluctant to jinx either club by speculating too much about that sort of [...]

Kegasus > Racing Presidents

One more reason Opening Day in Baltimore beat the crap outta Opening Day in D.C.: Kegasus went to Camden Yards!
More photos after the jump!
(Shots of Kegasus courtesy of the Maryland Jockey Club)

Nats v. O’s: A Tale of Two Openers

For the four-bagger print edition of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about Opening Day. I'm old enough to know that Opening Day around here, like everything else everywhere else, used to be better.
I got the sense that nobody in D.C. cared about Opening Day this year.
Nationals brass I spoke with say my perception [...]

Brandon Snyder Gets It Done

Brandon Snyder can say he was a Major Leaguer from here on.
Five years and some change since signing a million-dollar deal with the Orioles right out of Westfield High School, the onetime Can't Miss Kid from Centreville got his first hit with the big club last night at Camden Yards. It was Snyder's second start [...]

Leonard Shapiro’s Career Revived By Lists! But Where’s Jon Miller?

Big week for Ron Weber.
First, the Hockey Hall of Fame announced that Weber, the original Washington Capitals play-by-play man, had been given something called the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award "for outstanding contributions as a hockey broadcaster."
And, then Weber makes Leonard "Saved By Lists!" Shapiro's roster of the Top 10 sportsradio personalities in this market.
Shapiro's list [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: David Donovan, Snyder’s Latest Newspaper Hater, Was a Paperboy?

For all his media hatred, Dan Snyder stuffs his staff with media people. Karl Swanson was in newspapers. Larry Michael was a radio executive. Even Vinny Cerrato came back to the team after a stint at ESPN, where he spent a season in exile after being banished by Marty Schottenheimer (who looks more like Vince [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Getting All Outdoorsy Along the Iraq/Iran Border?

The Washington Nationals are setting aside a day for kids with peanut allergies this weekend. Tickets to the game and special peanut-free zone are $30.
For generational reasons, I'm still skeptical of peanut allergies, though the concept of paying $30 for a Nats ticket to keep a kid away from peanuts makes me feel disoriented and [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: FedExField Still Blows?

The Washington Post runs a Metro story about the fans who spend a day watching practice at Redskins Park. (Lemme quote Allen Iverson: "PRACTICE? We're talking PRACTICE?") One of the fans quoted in the piece is Peter Lalich. Though the story doesn't go into it, Lalich was the Everybody's-All-American kid from Springfield who was headed [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: The World’s Greatest Beer Man, Milstein Resurfaces, Ficker Running Again

Fortune magazine has named some folks who might try to get control of the New York Times from the Sulzberger family.
The piece has some likely suspects — David Geffen and Google, among them.
But the most intriguing and, for us locals, scariest of the alleged Times takeoverers?
Howard Milstein.
Yes, THAT Howard Milstein.
The Howard Milstein who a [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Best Owner List Shocker: Leonsis Left Off! Worst Owner List Non-Shocker: Snyder, Lerners Left On!

Sports Illustrated released Top 5 best/worst owners lists for all the major sports. Our town's fabulously represented, though only on the dark side.
First off: Ted Leonsis somehow wasn't included among hockey's best. If there's ever been a more beloved sports owner in this town than Leonsis circa 2009, I can't remember him.
Hard to believe it's [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Third Time’s Not Charmed for the Caps

Awesome Capitals trivia from play-by-play man Steve Kolbe: After last night's OT loss in Pittsburgh, Kolbe related that the Caps have never won a Game Three in any best-of-seven playoff series. The team's been around 35 years! How's that possible? (Apparently it's NOT possible!)
Awesome Capitals trivia about play-by-play man Steve Kolbe: The franchise has had [...]