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District Line Daily: Chief Lanier Defends Her Cops

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D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier met with residents last night to quell citizen concerns over a [...]

Prince George’s County Bag Tax Revived

Just when we thought it was dead, the Prince George's County bag tax seems to have come back to life. After three failed votes last month, the legislation was finally approved by the county's House delegation, and has headed to another Maryland House committee for approval. From there it will go to the full House [...]

Prince George’s Bag Tax Measure Fails

Though lawmakers were optimistic about the Prince George's bag tax passing—and it received near-unanimous support from the county council—thanks to the Maryland General Assembly, it seems like the bill is dunzo for now:
The bill needed broader support from the Prince George’s House delegation county affairs committee to win approval but fell short on a 3-2 [...]

Bag Tax May Come to Prince George’s

A five-cent bag tax is going up for vote in Prince George's County for the second time, where Democrats say that the number of stray plastic bags caught in trees and blowing around has become untenable. And the bill may even pass, the Sun reports, thanks to the success of the District's bag tax in [...]

Two Years Without Plastic Bags

Since Jan. 1, 2010, businesses in the District that sell food or alcohol have been required to charge 5 cents for each paper or plastic disposable bag. The Anacostia River Clean Up and Protection Act of 2009, or the "bag law," has been in effect for two years, but many D.C. shoppers don't like it [...]

The Needle: You For President Edition

You For President: Normally we stay as far away from presidential horse race politics as we can, but today was a weird day. First up, the guy everyone was so fired up about six months ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry dropped out of the race (even though he's on the D.C. ballot). Erik Wemple ranks [...]

Montgomery County Bag Tax Begins

The Post notes that Montgomery County rung in 2012 with its own five-cent bag tax. Predictably, some people are not fans:
“This is ridiculous,” said Price, a retired federal worker, as she unloaded a full cart into the trunk of her car outside the store on Randolph Road. “You shouldn’t have to pay for bags when [...]

Bark If You Hate the Bag Tax

My smart and savvy colleague Shani Hilton has just linked to some new research demonstrating that the District's nearly two-year-old bag tax has been a success. Allow me to dissent. Well, sorta.
Oh, sure, Shani's argument seems to have all kinds of "statistics" on its side, demonstrating that the tax has meant fewer plastic bags, and [...]

District Limerick: The Water Quality Edition

The snowstorm that hit our fair polity
Made rivers abysmal in quality
The clean-up's expense
Makes each bag's four cents
Seem vital, and not a frivolity
Now maybe this makes me a weenie
But dammit, my shower's chlorine-y
I won't get morose
'Cause water tastes gross
Instead, I'll just make a martini

D.C. Repubs Find Typo in Bag Bill

Local Republicans think they've scored a political gotcha on the bag tax.
A letter addressed to D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray points out that the bag-tax legislation that went into effect earlier this year seems to have made an error in defining what a "reusable" plastic bag is.
The error lies in the difference between a [...]

Weekend In Review: Tommy Wells On Race And The Bag Tax

Today's "storm" is expected to be nothing more than a dusting for us snow vets. And yet that extra inch or two of snow will only make digging out my car that much more difficult. Yes, I have one of the few cars that are still completely buried in snow. I'm waiting for shovels to [...]

The Bag Tax: Get Over It

Today, WaPo published a stupid, bogus trend story on how residents are adjusting to the bag tax. The upshot: people are using reusable bags! The stupid trend part of the story: Some people are using designer bags! The evidence: one business owner who claimed that she sold out of her pricey bags including a $10 [...]

GOPers Use Bags to ‘Bag the Bag Tax’

So you're a fiscally conservative D.C. resident. You now have to pay a nickel a pop for your grocery bags. You hate having to feed a bloated, overreaching local government $.05 or more every time you go shopping. And you would never consider one of those hippy-dippy NPR totes.
The D.C. Republican Committee understands your quandary! [...]

Snow Cleanup Funds Scarce: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—DDOT Starts Construction on 11th Street Bridge Project, Sort of; and what's up with Cathy Lanier's latest All Hands On Deck summons?
Morning all. Given all [...]