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Christmas Eve In Washington

It is currently Christmas Eve in Washington! Savor the moment by listening to this song, "Christmas Eve In Washington," by Maura Sullivan.
Sullivan wrote this diddy right around when I was born, and I've never missed a Christmas Eve in Washington...but I'd never heard the tune before this year!
This is an excellent song.

Wilson Building Gift Grab Begins

The economy may be going to hell and inauguration fever might be the issue of the day, but it's still Christmastime. Which means Wilson Building denizens are doing their annual gift exchange. Many opt for the classics: David Catania opted for his usual Godiva chocolates. Jack Evans is doling out classic works of literature. Yvette [...]

Bad Gift Idea #3

Today is a classic D.C. late-fall day. You got a lot of rain, and temperatures just north of freezing. The combination of wet and cold can make for some miserable people. One friend once told me the story of a woman who was suffering through just these conditions and remarked, You know, I live in [...]

In-Home Salon-Style Hair Wash: Bad Gift Idea #2

These lean times call on austerity measures of all sorts. All luxuries must be cut out. No more steakhouse dinners. No more lattes or custom beverages of any sort. No more room service or even hotel stays. Hostels! If there's anything good that you want to eat or do, do it at home.
Such appears [...]

Bad Gift Idea: The Oxford Book of Death

Last December City Paper editor Erik Wemple launched a series on City Desk called "Bad Gift Idea," which catalogued some of the worst things you could possibly give to your loved ones during the holidays. It proved to be one of the biggest features ever on this blog—gathering, at one point, more than 8 million [...]