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National Zoo Announces Date for Bei Bei’s Public Debut

Bei Bei makes his debut this January.

Ideas for D.C.-Inspired Halloween Costumes

The ones you have to explain to everyone, like, five times and yet still no one "gets" are always the coolest.

Giant Panda Cub Finally Starting to Resemble a Panda

Like father like son, they say. (Apparently like sister, too.)

Video: Surviving Panda Cub Shows Signs of Health, Shrieks Loudly

Mei Xiang's surviving panda cub "overall looks great," according to the National Zoo.

Mei Xiang Reportedly Uncooperative About Switching Cubs

Mei Xiang won't relinquish the larger of her two cubs, causing zookeepers concern.

National Zoo Posts Questionable Selfie Video of Bao Bao on Instagram

It was inevitable that Bao Bao and the selfie would meet in 2014. The National Zoo posted its first Instagram today: a video of its beloved baby panda, which it referred to as a "Bao Bao #selfie video."
The video features a close-up of the always photogenic baby panda, who makes her public debut this weekend, while [...]

You Can See The Baby Panda Starting Jan. 18

Get off the couch, turn off that Panda Cam, and head to the National Zoo. Starting Jan. 18, zoogoers can see the baby panda, Bao Bao, in the flesh, the zoo announced today.
Members of Friends of the National Zoo will be able to visit the panda from Jan. 11 to Jan. 17.
"The amount of time [...]

The National Zoo’s Baby Panda Has a Name: Bao Bao

One hundred days after its birth, the baby panda at the National Zoo finally got a name today: Bao Bao, which means "precious" or "treasure."
The name was announced during a ceremony at the National Zoo featuring speeches from State Department representatives and the ambassador from China, which owns the cub. First lady Michelle Obama and [...]

Gwar Singer Doesn’t Mince Words on Baby Panda’s “Life of Slavery”

By now, almost every angle on the baby panda's death yesterday has been covered. Here's how to feel sad about it, and here's how to explain it your kids. But one question remains: What does Oderus Urungus, "intergalactic humanoid barbarian" and lead singer of gorey metal band Gwar, think of this?
Not very much, apparently.


No Plan Yet for Future Cubs After Baby Panda’s Death

The National Zoo won't release pictures of the panda cub that died this morning, but according to chief veterinarian Suzan Kelly, the panda looked healthy.
"The cub looked just fabulous," Murray said at a press conference this afternoon with Dennis Kelly, the zoo's director. Murray and Kelly kept returning to two themes: how beautiful the panda [...]

Baby Panda at the National Zoo: Heartbreak Waiting to Happen

There's a new baby panda at the National Zoo, and everybody's pumped. The zoo gets more visitors, D.C. residents get to shoot around naming ideas, and alleged "clueless breeder" Tian Tian gets to prove that he can spread his seed just fine, so long as he's got a couple million dollars backing him up. Everybody [...]