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Would The “Avoid The Ghetto” App Even Work?

We know that "avoid the ghetto" isn't really the name of the new Microsoft patented GPS technology—but it's a moniker that's stuck thanks to the app's job: Keep pedestrians from walking into crime-ridden areas. Back when I first wrote about the tech, it seemed a really terrible idea. Some commenters (sorta) managed to convince me [...]

From the Comments: On ‘Avoid The Ghetto’ GPS Technology

A few people in the comments disagree with my take on Microsoft's new patent for GPS technology that will help pedestrians avoid dangerous neighborhoods. They make pretty convincing arguments that this isn't such a bad idea.
Commenter Tamara Palmera writes:
I think it's a great idea. Not necessarily playing on fears, but just helpful to those who [...]

“Avoid The Ghetto” With Microsoft’s New Patented GPS Technology

Microsoft is getting some notice for a new "avoid the unsafe areas" patent it's received for GPS technology targeting pedestrians (the tech also lets people know about harsh temperatures—something smartphones do anyway, right?). Gizmodo has no problem with the tech, noting: "If you're in an unknown part of town, it's reassuring to know where you are [...]