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Strip Club: Way Less Depressing Than The Rest of D.C.!

What's a more depressing happy-hour hangout on your average Thursday: A sports club at 5 p.m., or a strip club at the same time? At Fast Eddies/Archibalds, the double threat located at 1520 K Street NW, we find out!
UPSTAIRS: Fast Eddies, sports bar. At 5 o'clock, a guy in a suit is alone at the [...]

“You Can’t Get a Penis to Do That”

Tore has been selling sex toys at Dupont sexuality emporium the Pleasure Place for a couple months now. Before that, she was selling cars at Eastern Motors. Pleasure Place is easier, on average. "I have to like what I do," says Tore. "And I like sex."
So it didn't take long for Tore to learn the [...]

Fetish Scene Affected by Downturn?

The average day at Dupont Circle's Leather Rack (1723 Cionnecticut Avenue NW) is becoming less leathery these days. "Fetish wear has really taken a downturn in the last year," says Chaz, the store's general manager. The bad times have steered customers away from higher end items—$334 leather chaps, for example—and toward cheaper stuff. "Let's say [...]

Man and Woman Take HIV Test, Plan to Get High

It's 9:30 a.m. at Whitman Walker's Max Robinson Center in Anacostia. In the HIV testing area, a woman and a man are filling out their sexual histories on a piece of paper. Some of the questions:
Have you used IV drugs in the last 12 months?
Have you had sex while intoxicated?
When having anal receptive sex (was [...]