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A Couple of Details, February 19

Englert Takes Revenge for Puff Piece

If you haven't yet done so, swing on over to Young & Hungry to read Joe Englert rail against Tim Carman for following him around all day and writing about it.

So What Exactly Does Joe Englert Do During an Average Day?

As Joe Englert and I take a taxi (he rarely drives because he thinks it's cheaper to take cabs, once you figure in parking tickets in D.C.) to Enology, the wine bar he co-owns with Adam Manson, I ask the businessman if this indeed has been an average day for him. After all, by my [...]

H Street Country Club Continues Its Glacial Movement Toward Opening

Joe Englert keeps teasing me about a blog item I wrote, calling for a moratorium on stories about the H Street Country Club until the place actually opens. Englert thinks that I secretly believe the indoor miniature golf/Tex-Mex joint will never open. As if to prove me wrong, we stop by the construction site so [...]

What Gets Done at Englert’s H Street NE Office? Drinking!

All outward appearances to the contrary, Joe Englert is not some overgrown man-child. He's a pretty serious-minded businessman, of which I was reminded when we took a taxi cab to his second office just off H Street NE. While in the cab, we had an in-depth discussion about the politics (and cash) required to get [...]

When the Day Is Done: Turning Off the Lights after an Average Day at the NEA

Andrew Beaujon can finally go home, and so can everyone else at the NEA: Flanigan leaves with her to-do list unfinished. At my request she reviews the day's progress. About a third of the list done. But they've decided on a lot of action items, and tomorrow there won't be a pain in the ass [...]

Strip Club: Way Less Depressing Than The Rest of D.C.!

What's a more depressing happy-hour hangout on your average Thursday: A sports club at 5 p.m., or a strip club at the same time? At Fast Eddies/Archibalds, the double threat located at 1520 K Street NW, we find out!
UPSTAIRS: Fast Eddies, sports bar. At 5 o'clock, a guy in a suit is alone at the [...]

Joe Englert’s Office Is a Shrine to Stunted Adolescence

When Joe Englert goes to work, he doesn't drive to some sterile office building in Arlington. After a game of tennis with friend Matt Weiss, Englert is chauffeured to work in Weiss' black Lexus. His office? It's a converted garage on Capitol Hill, where Englert's modest desk takes up a tiny fraction of the space. [...]

Peter Nickles: Amazing

Peter Nickles' average day lasted longer than yours: He got up at 4:30 a.m. and went for his traditaional swim. Nickles, famous for marthoning and triathloning—and also Blackberrying, even at 70!—has had trouble with his knees in recent days, forcing him to quit running. After embarkring on more biking and swimming, however, "my knees are feeling better," he [...]

“That’s what she said”: At the Trough

It's 5:15 p.m. In other words, dinner time! Terrace Dining Room (TDR) is AU's dining hall. Beloved by some, reviled by more, tolerated by all. On the menu tonight is the average array of soul food (African pork roast, wtf?), vegan legume-based side dishes and  the all-you-can-eat ice cream bar. Substitutions: grilled cheese instead of [...]

Joe Englert Can Make You Suffer on the Tennis Court

He's better known for his ability to keep the District's twentysomethings entertained and well-lubricated, whether at the Capitol Lounge or at one of his playpens on H Street NE. But Joe Englert's preferred form of fun includes a morning tennis match, often against his sometime business partner and Lounge 201 owner Matt Weiss (both picture [...]

Osteo-ball Your Way Back Into Shape

Jerry Carter runs the workout room at the Armed Forces Retirement Home.
It's a huge and impressive facility, with all the free weights and strength and cardio machines any gym manager could want.
But at least one thing separates Carter's workplace from a typical gym: The average age of residents at the Retirement Home is 83, Carter [...]

Student Portraits: Rapper, Fashionista, Exam-Taker

Portrait of a Student as a Young Rapper

Alonzo is an aspiring rapper. He's originally from Bed-Stuy (like Biggie!), but now resides in Petworth. Around 3:30 p.m. today, we catch him hanging by the entrance to the Tenleytown Metro Station with his friends. As he raps, a friend records the song.
Brockett says he's been out [...]

Dan Tan Plows Ahead on Numbers

More on City Administrator Dan Tangherlini's budget powwows. Post lunch, the city's top day-to-day manager had three additional rounds of discussions with agency directors on money—first with the Office of Property Management (OPM). "We need to find savings everywhere we can," said Tangherlini to OPM Director Robin-Eve Jasper. "We're doing to look to you for [...] “Like Facebook for Old People.”

A blonde haired student picks up her Blackberry. It's another e-mail from
"It's not for me," the Catholic University student quickly points out. "It's for my mom."
Justine G. (how she asked to be identified to keep up a "positive image" in her Google search results) is a sophomore media studies major from Allentown, PA. She [...]