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“That’s what she said”: At the Trough

It's 5:15 p.m. In other words, dinner time! Terrace Dining Room (TDR) is AU's dining hall. Beloved by some, reviled by more, tolerated by all. On the menu tonight is the average array of soul food (African pork roast, wtf?), vegan legume-based side dishes and  the all-you-can-eat ice cream bar. Substitutions: grilled cheese instead of [...] “Like Facebook for Old People.”

A blonde haired student picks up her Blackberry. It's another e-mail from
"It's not for me," the Catholic University student quickly points out. "It's for my mom."
Justine G. (how she asked to be identified to keep up a "positive image" in her Google search results) is a sophomore media studies major from Allentown, PA. She [...]

It’s Hard Out There for a Print Journalism Major

The pizza 'n' wings-slinging AU eatery graciously called "The Tavern" looks nothing like the old timey Colonial Williamsburg-esque mock-ups. With prison-issue seating, electric blue backlighting and neon red, orange and (more) blue-lit ceiling reliefs, it looks like a hospital cafeteria masquerading as a Berlin nightclub.
But it's here that Tony, a graduating senior and Print Journalism [...]

Waitin’ for Her Man

Jenn munches an apple outside the Dav. It's 42 degrees out, and she's one of the few brave souls making use of the quad's ample banks of benches.
Engrossed in her meager meal, she ignores the crisp weather. She hasn't eaten since 9:30 a.m. Besides, it's almost 3:45 p.m., and she has a date in 15 [...]

At the Davenport Lounge, Business as Usual

It's 2:53 p.m. in the Davenport Lounge, or "the Dav" as the (mostly) flannel and tight-clad students who frequent the chapel-turned-budget coffee house call it. The Dav is the archetypal student coffee house – mismatched decades-old furniture is scattered between bookcase barriers stacked with crusty encyclopedias and political tomes, deictic markers of the hole-in-the-wall's home [...]

Average Day’s College Lunch (Video)

Footage of an average day's lunch at Catholic University's food court, which includes Chick-fil-A.

Average Wisdom From Above Average Minds

Like every other student every other day, I make decisions to either help or hinder my academic future. Like whether or not to read 60 pages of Althusser before my 12:45 p.m. Language and Culture class. Or, whether or not I attend said class at all.
Well, I made it to all my morning Anthro classes, [...]

Ad Revenue Down at College Rags Too

Michael Oliva walks into the student newspaper office in the Pryzbyla Center just before 2 p.m. and checks his e-mail. He's got class in a few minutes, but the sophomore at Catholic University, business manager at The Tower, needs to check in on how advertising revenue is looking this week.
"It's not good," says Oliva. "National [...]

Godspell, Broke Student Orgs., and Costly Donuts

Junior Kelsey Flynn is selling tickets to this weekend's performances of Godspell in the lobby of the Pryzbyla student center. The musical is put on by student organization Center Stage.
"It's a bunch of stories of the life of Jesus taking place on a playground," said Flynn.
Sitting at the table with her is Michael Pratt, [...]

God v. Hannah Montana, Chinese Soap Operas, and Made-up Animals

Professor Holger Zaborowski, Dr. Z for short, leans up against the chalkboard. Wearing a navy blue sportsjacket over a green v-neck sweater, he starts up a discussion in his Tues-Thurs 9:35 a.m. Philosophy of Religion, a familiar topic to students at Catholic University.
Today, the focus is on the concept of God – Dr. Z. plays [...]