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Anthony Motley Wants His Car Back From Marion Barry

LL was finally able to clear up with Anthony J. Motley today why embattled Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's been tooling around in a 1997 Mercedes registered in his name.
"It's my car," he says. And Barry's driving it, essentially, as a loaner.
It's happened on two occasions, once when Barry own Mercedes broke down some [...]

Adrian Fenty’s Smart Car Got a Speeding Ticket

While us city hall reporter types are on the subject of the mayor's personal conveyance, LL ran the mayor's plates (CV-6154) through the DMV ticket payment database.
He got a hit!
The mayor's Smart Car Fortwo Passion Cabriolet picked up a $50 ticket on Monday, May 11, for 'SPEED 11-15 OVR LIMT' while going westbound on the [...]

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Drag Race, 1994