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The Needle: Kids These Days

Change It: Even KidsPost wants the Pigskins to change their other, more racist name. +1
Long Arm of the Law: D.C. elections are great, so any new elected position moves the Needle up. Case in point: attorney general. +4

Inside D.C. General: Former Staffers Talk Mold, Bathroom Blowjobs, and Mismanagement

Inside D.C. General's family shelter, the staff had a term for rooms deemed uninhabitable: "off line." This designation was reserved for the worst of the worst—rooms without working heat or overrun by mold or peeling paint or infested with roaches. The off-line label extended even to rooms that no one thought to convert to living [...]

Pershing Park Case: District Employee Admits They Destroyed Evidence

In their probe of the discovery abuses, plaintiffs lawyers in one of the  Pershing Park cases may have found new evidence of alleged criminal conduct by District employees. In early February, a District employee admitted in deposition that they destroyed materials at the order of their supervisor, according to court records.
Plaintiffs lawyers in the Chang [...]

Elected AG: Was Peter Nickles For It Before He Was Against It?

After yesterday's 12-1 D.C. Council vote to turn his job from a mayoral appointment to an elected position, Attorney General Peter Nickles called the legislation a disaster.
Councilmember Phil Mendelson says Nickles flip-flopped on the issue.
During yesterday's run up to the vote, Mendelson circulated a memo to his colleagues on the dais providing a timeline of Nickles' [...]

Peter Nickles Bars Public On Police Shooting Facts

On April 23, 2008, Larry Rice Jr. had made the mistake of visiting a home on the 5800 block of Fields Place NE. D.C. Police soon raided the home on suspicion of drug activity; the officers did not have a warrant and found no drugs or any weapons. Rice tried to flee, according to court [...]

Councilmember Alexander Raises Concerns Over AG Nickles

In our running poll of the D.C. Council's Judiciary Committee members regarding AG Peter Nickles' conduct, we finally reached Councilmember Yvette Alexander.
Nickles has come under fire recently for his office's conduct in a Pershing Park civil suit. District evidence has either been destroyed or lost and discovery continues to be a problem in that case. [...]

ACLU Scolds Holder for Failing to End Racial Profiling

Racial profiling that became widespread during the Bush days is still with us, according a new report co-authored by the American Civil Liberties Union.
Despite U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.’s willingness to talk about race in America and his pledge to end racial profiling, his Department of Justice hasn’t done much to dismantle Bush-era guidelines [...]

Eric Holder, Extreme Drug Warrior

As if his soft stance on corruption wasn't sufficient evidence enough that Eric Holder is a questionable choice for attorney general, there's also his stance on drugs, which during his time as a U.S. Attorney in D.C. was too harsh.
In 1996, Holder proposed cracking down on marijuana users and sellers, a policy perspective which was [...]

A.G. Appointee Eric Holder Soft on Corruption

Eric H. Holder, Jr., former Deputy Attorney General and senior legal advisor to President-elect Barack Obama, was tapped today to serve as Obama's Attorney General, Newsweek reports. (Holder also served as co-chief of Obama's veep selection committee.)
In a cover story in 1997—the same year Clinton nominated Holder for Dep. Attorney General—City Paper questioned Holder's [...]