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AT&T Says It Upgraded Wireless Service in Verizon Center, Verizon Center Disagrees

Weak cell-phone service in the Verizon Center has long been a sore spot for Wizards, Capitals, and Hoyas fans. So the news today from communications giant AT&T that it had just upgraded its wireless service inside the arena—first tweeted by @casualhoya and reported by DC Sports Bog—was surely welcome.
The problem? The AT&T upgrade was also news [...]

‘Yes We Can!’ Save Screen on the Green

Ask Jesse Rauch if the beloved, now bereaved, Screen on the Green has a shot at resurrection and you'll get a resounding, "Yes we can!"
"We will have Screen on the Green this summer," Rauch said in an interview with Washington City Paper. "And if we don’t, we’re gonna have 16,000 people with DVD players and [...]

AT&T: Cheap, Lazy, or in Need of a Geography Lesson?

From the Woodley Park Metro:

I've long held affection for this ad campaign–it's like an incredibly easy Where's Waldo. But as I searched for the bars on my way out of the station this afternoon, something else caught my eye. AT&T, which has been doing swimmingly despite the economic downturn, appears to be cutting some corners [...]