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A Romanian Dictator Would Be Terrible for D.C.

You should be happier than ever that Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu ruled in Romania and not the United States. Inspired by Ceaușescu's ruinous decision to obliterate much of the center of Bucharest to make room for the People's House, a huge administrative building, two Romanians have created a Google Maps mash-up that imposes the building's [...]

20 People You’ll Meet On A Neighborhood Email List

This is a pretty spot-on list from The Atlantic Cities. We frequently scan local email lists for fodder for the Neighborhood News Roundup, and a number of these characters certainly ring true:
4. The longtime resident. No matter how long you’ve lived in your neighborhood, this person has lived there longer, and will remind you of [...]

On Alleys

The Atlantic Cities interviews Daniel O'Toole, the author of a book and a blog about alleys:
How do you define what makes an alley?
I think an alleyway in the American context is something specifically set aside as infrastructure. It's never meant for pedestrians, it never receives any facade remodeling. But with that infrastructure designation comes a [...]

The Dollar Store Belt?

Richard Florida explores the geography of dollar stores—they're proliferating, particularly in the south, and even more affluent people are taking advantage of them. But, he contends, they tend to be concentrated in areas of high rates of smoking, poverty, obesity, and religiosity:
Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana have the largest concentrations of dollar stores. Indeed, something [...]

365 Days In The Life Of A Locked Bike

Weird/cool video alert: The Atlantic Cities has a time-lapse video from an ad agency that locked a bike to a rack in New York City on Jan. 1 of last year and photographed it daily as it was dissembled by New Yorkers. It took five months before anyone even swiped anything—the water bottle.
Though we occasionally [...]

By Muzzling Public Safety Info On Twitter, Is The City Government Hurting Itself?

Sommer Mathis takes to the pages of the Atlantic Cities to talk about the decline of @dcfireems, the Twitter account for the District's fire department. On the removal of Pete Piringer, the fire department's public information officer, Mathis writes:
The hiring and firing of individual public information officers is the kind of story that only journalists [...]