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Children Speak Out On CFSA, DCPS

On Friday, I attended Positive Nature's organized conference on vulnerable children and families. The event, held among several conference rooms at the convention center, was also put together with the Department of Mental Health and the DC Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation. The bigwigs from CFSA, DMH, DYRS and DCPS showed up and gave [...]

Charter School Board Needs To Deal With At-Risk Youths

So comes the news of a second charter school closing–this time MEI Futures Academy. The school which offers room and board and schooling for teen mothers during the week has had its licensed revoked by the school board and will close in June. The school isn't quite two years old.  Two nights ago, the charter [...]

The Last Morning At City Lights Public Charter School

The teacher's lounge has turned into a showroom. Everything wears a Post-It with a price in blue ink. The conference table is selling for $150. The fridge is going for $50. The microwave is a steal at $5. Today is the last day for the City Lights Public Charter School.
Everything must go. Including that microwave.
"This [...]

Councilmembers Thomas And Alexander Make Fools Of Themselves

D.C. Councilmembers Harry Thomas Jr. and Yvette Alexander are elected officials. People must have seen something in them that they liked. Maybe in Thomas' case, it was his famous name. Maybe in Alexander's case, it was her sunny personality. But since joining the council, both have gained reputations as lightweights.
Last Wednesday, on February 18, Thomas [...]