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Dan Zak Is a Nap Deferred: A Digression for Dan Zak, as Summer Rots

Inspired by Washington Post Style writer Dan Zak's consideration of August, a digression on Dan Zak:
Dan Zak is what he isn’t, and he isn’t really anything. He is summer rotting, but not rotten. He is autumn as rumor, not rite. Dan Zak has textures, like damp denim, but not colors, though if he had [...]

October: The Month In Photos

Photos: Boombox, Elevator

A Struggling Middle School Hosts An Art Auction

Hart Middle School has received several overhauls during Mayor Adrian Fenty's tenure. By my count, it has had three principals in the last three years. Hart had been a symbol of school mismanagement and student violence. In 2007, its principal called students out of class so they could throw books in a dumpster to make [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Nude, Green Leaves and Bust Edition

The voluptuous vaporizer vixen tending bar at Big Joe Englert's Rock & Roll Hotel on H Street NE totally called it two weeks ago. Two ounces of marijuana per month? "That's simply not enough for some people," she said.
Turns out, D.C. Council agrees. Officially giving the green light to medical marijuana in District yesterday, the Council also added new language potentially doubling the [...]

Photos: White Wedding

Our Morning Roundup: Block Captain Sign up!

P.S. Montessori attends a DCPS workshop and reports back:
"Before the Thanksgiving Break, I attended a DCPS workshop on Phonemic Awareness. It was actually a pretty good workshop that I found useful and wanted to share....This workshop was really interesting, because a lot of the teachers that were attending taught higher level elementary, middle or high [...]

Is Shepard Fairey A Plagiarist?

Shepard Fairey is the guy that made that now-ubiquitous Obama poster. The guy has certainly got his 15 minutes of fame leading up to the inauguration and, well, throughout the week. Fairey has been critiqued as a hack and an opportunist. And a guy who likes his 15 minutes of fame. The guy has done [...]